Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Palestinians were busy today....

First of all, there were two terrorist attacks against the Erez crossing today, which the IDF repulsed, killing at least three armed Palestinian terrorists in the process.

Palestinian policemen on the Gaza side of the terminal let them through. Of course.

Both attacks mounted by terrorists belonging to Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades and Popular Committees.

The real victims, of course were Palestinians desperate for work who were prevented from going to their jobs in Israel to earn money to feed their families when the crossing was shut down by the attack.

Also in Gaza, Fatah gunmen abducted the Egyptian naval attaché Husam al-Musali, the liaison officer between the Egyptian Embassy and armed Palestinian groups.

Egypt's large military mission in the Gaza Strip was allowed to come into what was a demilitarized zone between Egypt and Israel per the Camp David Accords by the so-called `security arrangements for the Israel withdrawal from Gaza brokered by US Secretary of State Condi Rice. According to the Israeli daily Ma'ariv, the day after the Hamas election victory last month the Egyptian military departed Gaza and left it to the Palestinians. Left behind were only a few token Egyptian military attaches and a few security guards.

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