Friday, February 24, 2006

`Live here - be Australian' says Australia's John Howard

Seems simple and fair to me! Let's call it the Quote O' The Day.

In an interview marking his 10th anniversary in power, Austalian Prime Minister John Howard defended as "fundamentally accurate" a speech by his Treasurer, Peter Costello, on core Australian values.Live here, be Australian - National -

Howard urged that migrants have an obligation to embrace Australian values and social integration must be pushed harder.

Howard told the Herald, "when you come to this country, you become Australian".

Mr Howard also said Australian Muslims overwhelmingly were committed to Australia, and terrorism was based "upon an evil, distorted interpretation of Islam … But that doesn't mean you can't identify areas of concern, and I think the reaction of some in the Islamic community … is quite unreasonable."

No wonder they like him in Oz. If he gets tired of Australia, I think we could use him here in the USA!

Similarly, Peter Costello had said: "Before becoming an Australian, you will be asked to subscribe to certain values. If you have strong objections to those values, don't come to Australia."

Costello also condemned "confused, mushy, misguided multiculturalism" and advocated stripping citizenship from people who advocate Islamic law (Sharia) over Australian law.

There was a predictable amount of protest at Costello's speech but New South Wale's Left of center Labor Premier, Morris Iemma, called it reasonable and practical and said immigrants should "leave the disputes, leave the extremism and leave the fights behind". This endorsement is a sure sign that Labor polling identifies this as a major issue among average Australians.

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