Monday, February 06, 2006

Olmert living in denial

Israeli interim PM Ehud Olmert said today that he will `continue to work' with Palestinian chairman Abbas and just ignore those nasty Hamas guys who are in charge.
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"As long as he does not cooperate with Hamas and the Palestinian government is not a Hamas government, we will cooperate with the Palestinian Authority cautiously and responsibly," he said in broadcast remarks.

Guess what, Mr. Olmert? Abbas has already said he would cooperate with Hamas to form a government! And he's in Cairo setting it up as we speak.Hamas negotiate setting up new Palestinian Govt. 07/02/2006. ABC News Online

Hamas, at least, is communicating with admirable clarity.The Australian: Recognition of Israel 'a mistake' [February 06, 2006]
They refuse to recognize Israel, disarm or foreswear violence. As Khalid Mashall said today in Der Spiegal, `resistance' will come in many forms.

You can't get much plainer than that.

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