Monday, February 06, 2006

Palestinian Aid? Take a peek at where the money went.

Investigators with the new Hamas regime suddenly made 25 arrests of officials suspected of stealing at least $US700 million ($A935 million) in public funds since the authority was set up in 1994. Palestinians arrest 25 over missing $900m - World -

I'm shocked, just shocked..I'm sure you are too.

I'm sure part of the $2M Dubbya gave Fatah to try and buy the election is mixed in there somewhere.

The Palestinians said that another 10 suspects had fled abroad, and with the investigation continuing, the total amount missing could run into billions of dollars.

I wonder if they count Sura Arafat as one of those ten???

More to the point, why should the EU and US throw good money after bad, especially as there's absolutely no way to determine that it's going for humanitarian aid and not to fund terrorism?J O S H U A P U N D I T: Aid to Hamas-Led Palestinian Authority Will be Hard to Track

Let Iran and Saudi Arabia and the other Arab nations pick up the slack. It won't make Hamas any more of a terrorist organization and will at least save Western taxpayers adding more wasted money to the funds they never should have paid out in the first place.

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