Monday, November 14, 2005

Condi In Wonderland

Secretary Rice now says - with a straight face- that a `Palestinian' state will enhance Israel's security! I wonder who writes her material.
Rice calls for a Palestinian state | WORLD | NEWS |

What's even more bizarre is that her statement occurred as an IDF force intercepted a Palestinian band approaching the goods terminal for Palestinian exports armed with explosive devices and a recoilless grenade launcher. One terrorist was killed and two seriously injured in the second Palestinian attempt in two days to blow up the Karni terminal with Israeli personnel. Palestinians also shot a Qassam missile at the Sderot-Yad Mordecai sector outside Gaza.Every single visit by a US secretary of state to the region on a peacemaking mission has been accompanied by a ritual of a Palestinian terror attack.

After being essentially rebuffed by the Saudis after asking them to please curtail the financing of jihad and terrorism in the West and in the US in particular, Condi traveled north to Israel to lend her efforts to the push to get Israel to `make a deal' on the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

The sticking point has to do with the Palestinian's rejection of any kind of monitoring by Israel of what is coming in, a very real concern in view of the ongoing terrorist attacks against Israel originating from Gaza, the total lack of control by the Palestinian Authority and the orgy of weapons smuggling that occurred after Israel withdrew from Gaza...exactly what opponents of the `disengagement' predicted.

At first, the Palestinians and Israelis agreed to have EU monitors stationed at the crossing, but the Palestinians balked at the idea of the EU monitors having any power to stop anyone or anything. The Palestinians also have refused even to allow CCTV cameras to monitor the crossing in real time for the Israelis.

Rice and EU external affairs executive Xavier Solana keep pushing hard for Israel to relent on its demand for security cameras to relay images of Rafah arrivals incoming from Sinai. They also continue to demand that all the Gaza-Israel crossings remain open amid continuous Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli personnel!

I wonder how the US or the EU would react to `open border crossings' with a terrorist state on their borders.

Complicating the issue is a fresh Palestinian demand for a presence on the Kerem Shalom crossing from Egypt which is wholly located in Israel territory. The Palestinian demand is in line with its ambition to move Israel back to the defunct 1949 lines rather than the borders they themselves endorsed in the 1994 Oslo interim peace accords. This would entail enlarging the Gaza Strip by adding slices of the Israel Negev. The Israelis had better find the spine not to knuckle under, for their own safety...and for the sake of the legitimacy of any agreements they make with the Palestinians in the future.


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, Israel will pack its fanatical land-stealing settlers and leave the occupied territories.

We saw how the fanatics kept praying day and night in Gaza for God to intervene, yet NOTHING HAPPENED.


Why don't you all accept the fact that your God let you down, huh?

Gaza is finally FREE from those immoral fanatics who stole lands of other people in the last 35 years and who harrassed poor refugees for decades.

The same thing will happen in the West Bank until the last land-stealing settler is out.

Israel can kill Palestinians but It can NOT kill their aspiration to live Free from the racist Israeli regime.

God does not promise any lands to anyone. This is simply state sponsored land theft in the name of religion.

Freedom Fighter said...

Please tell me how Israel is a `racist' regime when Arabic is an official language of the country and Arabs have the vote, freedom of religion and the protection of law.

You see many Jews allowed to do that in the Arab world?

Didn't think so. So WHO'S the Racist,Bubba? I think it's you.

Freedom Fighter said...

BTW, regarding `land theft' see the Arabs offering to compensate the over 1 million Jews who were forced out of the Arab world after 1948 and had all their property confiscated.

How `bout the Jews who died due to the Arab agitation that led to the White Paper and induced Britain to shut off ALL immigration by Jews to Israel on the eve of the Holocaust,trapping millions of Jews in Europe?

I think the balance sheet in pretty much slanted toward the Arabs owing the Jews.if we're being honest.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh please....don't you use Jewish victims of European discrimination and racism to prove your twisted point of view. I am sure that those victims rather identify with innocent Palestinians than the immoral settlers and their supporters.

Didn't French-Jews have voting rights during the Dreyfus affair (which triggered Zionism)?

Of course they did the same way Arab-Israeli do in Israel but in reality they are second class citizens. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have extensively covered the treatment of Arabs in Israel.

Besides, the Palestinian-Arabs have ZERO RIGHTS under the rule of the Israeli.

That's what I am talking about.

A regime that erects Jewish-only towns in occupied territory while oppressing the next door Arab town is racist and discriminatory.

Tell me why did Israel need to transfer civilian settlers into Gaza now that they removed them? The only reason was to harass the natives so they leave. Israel encouraged its fundamentalist citizens to move to the strip by giving them money and by proving them with all kind of benefits.

Did you know that the 7000 fanatics controled about 25% of Gaza while 1.2 million Palestinian s were forced in the rest of the strip?

This is not about a balance sheet but about the continuing oppression of millions of innocent people under an illegal military occupation.

If Israeli have lands to claim from other Arab states, well LET THEM DO SO.

Freedom Fighter said...

You are unfortunately misinformed.
And the remarks about `your G-d being stronger mark YOU as the fanatic, unfortunately. Remember that the Jews left Gaza voluntarily. Had they been determined tostay and as bloodthirsty as the `Palestinians', Israel could have gone for a Jordanian style `Black September' solution. A few cohesive air strikes in the Arab areas of Gaza would have settled the matter nicely, if the Israelis wished to do so.

And I doubt you've ever been to Israel,or know much about it. It's a funny kind of second class citizenship that has Arabs in all professions and walks of life, including in the Israeli Knesset.
The Arabs who stayed in Israel after 1948 also have the highest living standards of any Arabs in the Middle East.

And no answer about how Jews fared under Arab governments..while they were even allowed to live there.

Tolerance DOES work both ways. If you don't practice it, you have no call to expect it from others. Karim.

As we both know, the only reason Britain even had the Palestine mandate was to provide a state for the Jewish people. In 1923, the British took 80% of Palestine, evicted any Jews living East of the Jordan and promised the remainder to the Jews...only to renege on those promises.

If you can't see the connecton between Arab violence (led by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent the war working for Hitler) and the British curtailment of Jewish immigration to Palestine at a time when the Jews were desperate to escape Europe while the British allowed UNLIMITED Arab inmigration into Palestine, you simply can't. Or won't.

I suggest you read Joan Peter's book `From Time Immemorial'. It may give you some badly needed perspective.

As for that `illegal occupation';
The simple truth is that the Jews accepted the original partition and the Arabs did not. The Jews integrated THEIR refugees into Israel, the surrounding Arab states did not. That isn't Israel's fault. Gaza, for instance, was depopulated by the British in 1946 and had Jewish communities in it up till that time. It only became `Palestinian'
after 1948 when the Egyptians used it as a dumping ground for Arab `refugees'...because they refused to allow them to live in Egypt. Same situation in Lebanon.

The land in question was never awarded to anyone, and merely represents a ceasefire line. The Jordanians took it over in 1948 and displaced the Jews. There were no `Palestinians' until the Jews won back these lands after being attacked in 1967.

The whole claim of the so-called `Palestinians' rests on the Oslo Accords. And it is a matter of record that Arafat never fulfilled a SINGLE provision he agreed to at Oslo.

Tell me, if you have a real estate deal and the person you give the land to doesn't fulfill the contract, doesn't the land revert back to the original owner? In this case Israel,by right of possesion?

While you're at it, you might want to check on the Archives of the Jewish National Fund, which still has grant deeds for places like Gush Etzion and Gilo on file because the land was legally purchased from the Emirs back in the `20's and `30's.

The truth of the matter is that the so-called `Palestinians' made a choice to wage war on Israel's civilians as dupes for the surrounding Arab nations,none of whom give a rat's behind about their Arab `brothers'. Almost every Arab nation in the Middle East actually DOES treat the Palestinians as second class citizens.

A smarter choice would have been for the `Palestinians' to decide to live in peace with the Jews and turn their backs on war..especially as the two economies are a natural match.
Even my correspondant Ghassan Khatb, the former Palestinian Labor Minister has said as much.

What the issue really comes down to is that the `Palestinians' refuse to allow even a single Jew to live in peace and equality among them. If that weren't the problem,where the borders are wouldn't matter.

And if that weren't the case, the `Palestinians' would have begged the properous farmers of Gush Katif to live among them in peace and help build their economy..instead of looting and tearing down those expensive and productive greenhouses.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

For the record...

My comment about God or G-d is not about who is stronger. I could careless about that. My comment was a general statement since one could argue the same about the God of the Palestinians.

I can however recognize a fanatic and I have seen them in Gaza before they were kicked out.

They were "praying" (any reasonable person would not call praying for God to intervene in favor of law breakers praying!) day and night...and surely they were forced to leave.

In fact, I have read in few of the settlers sites claims that God punished America (Katrina) because of Gaza!

If you ask me, those state sponsored fanatics are a disgrace to the Jewish people in general.

Freedom Fighter said...

Kind of a non response Karim.

You failed to address any of the points I made..but that's fine.

One question: were these `fanatics' lauching terrorist raids against the `Palestinians' or were the Palestinians trying to kill THEM?

Were the Jews of Gaza shooting at `Palestinian' civilians? Did they burn a single mosque?

I think we know the answer.

And, as I said, if the `Palestinians' were willing to have Jews live among them in peace and equality, the Jews of Gaza wouldn't have HAD to leave, would they?

If you're interested in being honest, you are aware that a number of `Palestinians' who worked at Gush Katif and Neve Dakalim were sorry to see the Jews leave..because theyrealized thattheir jobs would leave as well and the land would be parcelled out bythe corrupt Palestinian Authority and Hamas..exactly what happened.