Monday, April 17, 2006

The FDI get's it right again on Iran's nuke program

Well, sources in the Iranian dissident group FDI have been proven correct again.

These are the same folks who outed Iran's clandestine nuke program 2 1/2 years ago. predicted a weapons test to coincide with the Noruz holiday in March and as you read in these pages here, outed Iran's second secret enrichment plant with 155,000 upgraded centrifuges.

They're a little behind, but yesterday, April 16th the NYT confirmed part of the story with `New Worry Rises After Iran Claims Nuclear Steps'. (sorry, no direct link) which detailed the use of the advanced P-2 centrifuges at a `hidden seperate site'.

The Neyshabour plant is scheduled to be up and running by late 2007, and will have three times the capacity of Natanz, with only 60,000 or so centrifuges.

Iran, at most is three years away from nuclear weapons....and given the mullah's fanatic concentration on this goal, it could be much less.

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