Sunday, April 09, 2006

Israelis step up anti-terrorist smackdown

The IDF has been very busy lately, in view of the never ending terrorist attacks on the country emanating from the Palestinian Authority.

Yesterday,the Israeli air force attacked the Abu Reish Brigades training camp built at the former site of Israeli community of Neve Dekalim in the Gaza Strip, killing six terrorists affiliated with the PRC. This was the second IAF attack in 24 hours on one of the six training camps Palestinian terrorists recently established in the Gaza Strip. Six more were killed in a raid Friday night against the Popular Resistance Committees camp newly built in Rafah, including the PRC’s bomb expert Iyad Abu Aynayn.

And two armed Fatah operatives were taken out earlier Saturday in the Northern Gaza Strip in the act of trying to launch a Qassam missile against Israel. The pair - Mahmoud Ajour and Sami Abu Shariya - were identified as members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and ended up being the main course in a Palestinian car barbeque.

Two more Palestinians died during a cave-in and work accident of one of those arms smuggling tunnels -you know, the ones Egypt was supposed to stop-being built to connect Rafah with the Egyptian Sinai.

(What was that about the withdrawal from Gaza being a move for `peace? *sigh*)

Also yesterday, IDF troops found an explosives laboratory in the Abu Sneinah neighborhood in Hebron. The place blew up on Friday night, apparently as a result of a work accident in which three Palestinians unintentionally detonated a bomb they were working on to be used against IDF units in the Jewish portion of Hebron.Three Palestinians were wounded in the explosion and evacuated to a local hospital.

In Bethleham, the IDF took out a senior terrorist, Jaber Ahras, who commanded an attack that killed two IDF soldiers Shlomi Balski and Shaul Lahav on November 18, 2003. His slatest endeavor was heading up a cell planning to fire rockets at Gilo, a Jerusalem neighborhood. Palestinian sources acknowledged that Ahras headed up the Popular Resistance Committee's entire rocket infrastructure in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

Hamas was incensed at the `martyrdom' and threatened to use the Hamas military arm Ezz e-Din al-Qassem for revenge attacks. So far, they've been using the PRC and Islamic Jihad to do the dirty work, to preserve their new PR `diplomatic' face Hamas is trying to show the world since it took over the Palestinian government.

Hamas might well have benefitted from a period of quiet, so that they could consolidate their rule over the Palestinian Authority.But they not only don't control all the factions on the ground fully, but they are under increasing pressure from Syria, Hezbollah and especially Iran to step up their attacks on Israel if they expect financial and logistical support in the War Against the Jews.

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