Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mr. Bill: `Hey, I'd shake hands with Hamas..'

Ex-President Bill Clinton has apparently moved on from shilling for the UAE to shilling for Hamas. Hey, can't let Jimmy Carter have all the headlines!Clinton: I would be prepared to shake hands with Hamas - Yahoo! News

This should be no surprise to those who have followed his career, but Mr. Bill appears to be trying to one up Jimmy Carter as a pal of terrorists. Some of you may recall that Clinton,on Charlie Rose's PBS show during the Davos conference said that Iran was the nation he felt closest to ideologically....this after Iran's repeated threats to make a new Holocaust in Israel.

Clinton,of course, runs in patterns. He didn't make these remarks in his own country; he spoke with BBC television as the US State Department announced that the United States had suspended all contact with the Palestinian government led by Hamas.

Asked if he would shake hands with Hamas in the name of negotiation as he did with Arafat in 1993, Clinton said: "If they made the same assurances that Arafat did.

"He had made private assurances, and he made public assurances, that he did not support terror any more and would try to restrain it."

And Mr. Bill said that without breaking out in laughter! Of course, you can bet Yasir Arafat had a good belly laugh after his meetings with Mr. Bill..

It takes a special breed of human being to offer to befriend people that deliberately target innocent people for murder.

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