Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hamas can't get no satisfaction...or Arab cash

Po' Khalid Meshaal and Ishmail Haniya.

You know, you go through life as a member in good standing of the Islamist mafia, you learn all the slogans, spend all that time hatin' Israel and the Evil Joos, claw your way to leadership and all it gets you are a few `atta boys'from the guys who were supposed to be your allies!

Since the US, Europe and Israel cut off the money flow to the Hamas government, Mashaal and Haniyeh have been banking on the Arab World and Iran to take up the slack to pay the inflated Palestinian payroll (about a third of the workforce!!) and and keep their government going.

They received numerous pledges from the Arab league, the Saudis and especially Iran..which enabled them to hang tough on continuing to embrace the War Against the Jews and spout off the usual rhetoric.

But as the Greenhat Boys have discovered, you can't pay bills with pledges..especially when they don't get honored.

Meshaal just got back from a conference in Tehran sponsored by the Iranian government- you know, the one where Ahmadinejad again reiterated that Israel would be annihilated -and got all manner of hugs and backslaps while listening to the usual Death to the Jooos rhetoric.

But not one slimy little riyal in hard cash for his trouble. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mullahs made him pay for his meal!!

He said Saturday: “We are waiting for assistance from the Iranian government and replies to our requests. But till now we have received nothing.”

Well, the Pals did finally get something, after Meshall complained.. another pledge for $50 million...

Here's the real story...just like always, the Palestinians will only get paid by the rest of the Arab world if they prove useful and efficient in blowing up Jews in Israel. Iran has a price for its aid money. The Islamic republic is requiring the Hamas military arm Ezza-e Din al-Qassam to establish a joint command with Hizballah and the Jihad Islami, start the War Against the Jews back up again in full style and resume its terrorist and missile campaigns against Israel.

This is bad timing for that just now for Hamas, as they're very busy trying to establish dominance over the various Palestinin factions and consolodate their rule. Not to mention the expensive PR makeover the Green hats are trying to pull off as a legitimate Palestinian government rather than just a bunch of terrorist thugs.

While they've looked the other way at the terrorist attacks of other factions since they took power, Hamas, left to themselves, would probably have kept the hudna (ceasefire) going with Israel for a while longer. There's also the little factor that Israel has made it clear that the gloves come off if there's a major strike linked to the Hamas government. Hamas will either have to take the Mullahs up on their offer and earn their combat pay or hold off and hope something better comes along.

Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud a-Zahar is on a separate fund-raising tour of Arab capitals. He is trying to collect on pledges made by the Arab rulers at the Khartoum summit earlier this month. yesterday a-Zaher met the Arab League's secretary Amr Moussa in Cairo, after Egyptian officials were `unable to meet'with him. (O U C H ! !)

Moussa reportedly told a-Zahar Hamas should accept the 2002 Arab League resolution moved in Beirut by Saudi Arabia, AKA the Saudi Peace Plan, which proposes `normal elations' (without defining what that means) with Israel in return for its withdrawal to the pre- 1967 lines, redividing Jerusalem and acceptance of thousands of hostile Palestinian refugees' and their decendants back into Israel. A-Zahar apparently wasn't interested, and hasn't been able to come home with any cash yet either.

It's just touching, the concern their Arab brothers have for the Palestinians, ain't it?

But every cloud has a silver lining. Who should step in but (surprise!) the Russians. Abbas went to see his old pals in Moscow, and came up with a pledge of assistance.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov promised PA chairman Abu Mazen that Russia would `very soon relay financial assistance to the Palestinian government'.

Of course, the Russians sending direct aid to Hamas would smash the anti-terrorist front posed by the US, The EU and Israel and end the idea of the `Middle East Quartet' and its Roadmap.

I have a feeling that doesn't worry the Russians overly much at this point.

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