Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PA Minister `loses' $450,000

I swear by Allah I don't know what happened to da cash..


Hamas Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar reportedly had $450,000 stolen from his hotel room during his visit to Kuwait, the Itim news agency quoted the Kuwaiti media as saying Wednesday.

al-Zahar has been making the rounds of the Arab world lookin' for spare change to help pay the tab for the supposedly broke Palestinian Authority...which also funded the trip for al-Zahar and his entourage, according to Itim, quoting an unnamed official at the Palestinian Finance Ministry as its source.

Apparently the police report al-Zaher made said something about meeting an unveiled virgin in Kuwait City who offered to come up to his hotel room..and then the lights went out and when he woke up the money was gone, y'Allah...

Okay, all jokes aside. A cool $450,000 in cash, “stolen” from Mahmoud al-Zahar’s hotel room in Kuwait? Somehow, I doubt that it's normal procedure for a diplomat to travel around with nearly a half million bucks in cash in a suitcase. And if al-Zaher had really been responsible for losing $450,000 in Hamas cash like that, he'd no doubt take off for parts unknown as fast as he could.

No, this money was a payoff or a payment for goods or services rendered or to be rendered. Some Iranian missles? We can only guess..but I'll be watching for a connection.


Moved Elsewhere said...

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Yaakov Kirschen said...

scary stuff.
thanx, (i think)
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Anonymous said...

i've not seen what currency the money was in.
as it is reported as $450,000 in cash, is that the USD equivalent?
or was the money in the currency of the great satan.
readily laundered at any international money laudering site.

Freedom Fighter said...

The article said $450,000, so I assume it is either US currency or the equivalent.

Like I said, I think this was a purchase o9r a payoff for goods and services either already received or soon to be.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...


The very next day someone-I-know-but-ain't-telling-who started building a new mikvah in Bat 'Ayin. The project had been previously in hiatus due to lack of financing...

Alavai! Everyone can dream...

Freedom Fighter said...

Just as I suspected, y'Allah! It was the Evil Joooos! (LOL)

Good one, Rafael!

(BTW, for those that don't know, a mikvah is a building housing a Jewish ritual bath house)