Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This week's Watcher's Council selections...

Well, there's certainly some gooo-ood stuff up this week!

For council posts, we have:

The Glittering Eye- The death of 1,000 cuts examining whether the USA has the will to continue the war in Iraq.

Done With Mirrors: Not good news, just news looking at the lack of balanced coverage in the Iraq war- do we ever hear anything positive?

Dr. Sanity: NO RELATION TO REALITY, INDEED - in which the good Doctor examines some of the psychosis inherent in current Islamic culture.

New World Man:"He's no Ken Blackwell" a riff on Ohio politics.

Rhymes With Right: Not a firing offense When does `freedom of expression' become indoctrination when a teacher is involved?

ShrinkWrapped: Affect Storms a fascinating look at a psychological response to an existential threat, and how it relates to groups as well as individuals.

The Education Wonks: Banning A Piece Of Americana In South Florida banning ice cream trucks in South Florida? What will they come up with next?

J O S H U A P U N D I T: NASCAR Islamophobic Psychosis - The script ain't working out the recent NASCAR `Islamophobia' sting attempted by NBC reveals a lot about the media's two `scripts' on Islam..and the cognitive dissonance between them.

Gates of Vienna: Can Religions Build Their Own Enclaves? a look at the push for seperate sharia enclaves among some American Muslims. Should it be allowed?

The Sundries Shack: Breaking news- skeptics say Jesus may not have performed a miraclelike the Proprietor says, some scientists have far too much time on their hands..

Right Wing Nut House- THE IRANIANS RESPOND: “YOU’RE BLUFFING…WE THINK” Rick's take on how Iran views the US, and vice versa

The Strata-Sphere -JFK Must Have Been A Traitor!Did Bush do anything JFK didn't do during the Cuban Missle Crisis?

The non-council posts can be accessed here

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