Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This week's Watcher's Council nominations:

As usual, some good stuff this week.

You can find links to everything that was nominated here

Here’s what the Council members nominated this week:

Dr. Sanity: STRATEGIES FOR DEALING WITH DENIAL - Part I: The Many Faces of Denial-Dr. Sanity examines comments on one of the factors she feels has impeded our ability to come to terms with the attacks on 9/11/2001: denial. In this first installment she gives examples of the many forms that denial can take.

The Glittering Eye :The Sunday lesson -Dave takes note of some references to the Bible in the news lately.

The Strata-Sphere : Marc Grossman, Man Of Mystery - AJ provides detailed background on Marc Grossman, who has emerged as a factor in the ongoing Wilson/Plame/Libby soap opera.

Done With Mirrors - examines a quickie definition of patriotism.

Rhymes With Right: Arrogant District Refuses To Protect White Students- Greg looks at an incident that happened recently in a Peoria school district. Some people think that `minorities cannot be guilty of racism because of the `power' issue. Intruth, racism can and does come in all colors.

New World Man - almost free: Quadruple aid to Hamas-Matt suggests we dramatically increase aid to the Palestinian government, as a way of forestalling Russia, China, and Iran.

I disagree.

Unfortunately, he perhaps hasn't considered that US aid money to Hamas will not the Great Satan any friends in the region anymore than the billions we gave Arafat did, or cut off Islamist well as making a mockery of the War aginst Jihad.

I also have a problem with American dollars financing the murder of innocent people simply because they happen to be Jews. and as I mention in my nominated post for the week, any `humanitarian' aid to the Palestinians frees up money that Hamas doesn't have to use to take care of their people and can use in the War Against the Jews. And us.

The Sundries Shack: Hate Central- Jimmie Bise examines the “Angry Left”.

Gates of Vienna: The Turncoat Generals: Et tu, Brutus?- Dymphna reams the retired generals piling on SoD Rumsfeld a new one.

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Are the Palestinians really broke? Hardly.- my own piece, which shows that the Palestinians are far from being `destitute' as they claim...and reveals the link between the power struggle over the money between Abbas and Hamas and this week's homicide bombing in Israel.

The Education Wonks: The High Costs Of Subsidizing The Immigrant Nation -self explanatory...and in reality, I think their estimate is on the low side.

ShrinkWrapped: "Hope" is not a Policy-ShrinkWrapped considers the options in dealing with Iran with a piece comparing it to dealing with Saddam.

Right Wing Nut House - ANTI-AMERICAN? OR ANTI-BUSH?- In which Rick examines the battle for the soul of the Democratic party.

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