Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zarqawi `fired'???

This is facinating if true..according to the son of Osama bin-Laden's mentor Hudayf Azzam, the Iraqi `insurgents' asked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to step down as political head of the rebels and confine himself to a military role. This came out in an interview with Hudayf given to the AFP Sunday in Jordan.Zarqawi fired:

'The Iraqi resistance's high command asked Zarqawi to give up his political role and replaced him with an Iraqi, because of several mistakes he made,' said Hudayf who says he's in close touch with the terorists in Iraq.

'Zarqawi's role has been limited to military action,' said Azzam, whose late father Abdallah Azzam was the mentor of bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda boss.

'Zarqawi bowed to the orders two weeks ago and was replaced by Iraqi national Abdullah bin Rashed al-Baghdadi,' Azzam said.

He said Zarqawi 'made many political mistakes', including 'the creation of an independent organisation, Al-Qaeda in Iraq'.

'Zarqawi also took the liberty of speaking in the name of the Iraqi people and resistance, a role which belongs only to the Iraqis,' Azzam said.

As a result he sparked discord with the Iraqi-born terrorists and was asked to step down as political head.

'Zarqawi pledged not to carry out any more attacks against Iraq's neighbours after having been criticised for these operations which are considered a violation of sharia (Islamic law),' Azzam said.


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