Monday, April 30, 2007

Anti-Israel propaganda..on the Washington DC subways

`Anti-zionism' goes mainstream, as a slew of Anti-Israel ads are to be posted in the Washington DC subways.

A group calling itself the 'US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation' placed 20 poster ads showing an Israeli tank pointing its cannon at a child with a schoolbag walking along a dirt road.

'Imagine if this were your child's path to school. Palestinians don't have to imagine,' the poster states, before continuing to call for an end to US aid for 'Israel's brutal military occupation… paid for by US taxpayers like you.'

Originally, CBS Outdoor,
the New York-based firm that places in-station advertising for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), at wouldn't consider allowing the posters, but eventually relented to pressure from WMATA and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Interestingly enough both
CBS Outdoor's Vice President, Jodi Senes weho caved to the threats from the ACLU and the ACLU's Legal Director in Washington, Arthur Spitzer who pressured CBS into allowing the posters are both Jewish.

According to Spitzer,
it "wasn't 'a case about Judaism or Israel… but about establishing someone's right to freedom of speech, which I agree with regardless of whether I agree with their particular political position."

Pure horse manure.

There's a difference between the right to speak - which the First Amendment clearly mandates - and the right to be heard, which isn't part of the Constitution in the least.

The ACLU is simply another left-wing group who are down for the `anti-Zionist' agenda.

Stockholm much, Mr. Spitzer?


Anonymous said...

what ff does not tell you about the poster.
i tell, you decide.
the reason you can't see the little boys' left are is because rachel corrie is holding it. this puts him out in front of the tank.

Anonymous said...

arm !

Anonymous said...

This anti Israel propaganda is based on a bold faced lie. Israelis DO NOT deliberately target children, as seems to be implied by this photo. This is in contrast to the "Palestinians" who deliberately target Israeli children. Pro Israel forces should run ads to counter this. The facts are on the pro Israel side. If lies are not quickly and forcefully challenged, people will begin to believe the lies are true. These lies need to be quickly and forcefully challenged.

Soccer Dad said...

Can you say Skokie?
(or Cincinatti - when Jerry Springer was mayor he was proud of the fact that he allowed Nazis to march even though his parents are survivors.)