Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech....

For those of you interested in an in depth examination of this tragedy, there are lots of people writing about it. I simply regard it as a tragic case of someone simply going off the deep end and taking a lot of innocent people with him.

I will make one point: while lots of people are taking about `increased security' `quicker lockdowns' on campuses and even e-mail and IM notifications (!), the real answer, to me is concealed weapons permits and increased gun ownership for law abiding citizens.

A couple of armed and prepared students or professors could have dealt with the shooter quickly and effectively and saved many lives.


Anonymous said...

regarding the last paragraph of your comment.
what are you thinking????
this is an east coast learning institution.
for starters 90% of the faculty are members of the prolitariat. they would be opposed to any type of action such as carrying a weapon. and 90% of those wouldn't know the business end of the weapon.
arm them.
watch them shoot themselves in the foot during a lecture.
hillary won't allow it!!!!

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually Louie, Virginia, like most Southern states is relatively enlightened when it comes to firearms.

However,I'm reasonably certain that the CAMPUS has a no firearms policy..which, of course,means that only people like this whack job will have them.

There are two countries I'm familiar with that have something in common - both have required military service, both require civilian militia service after the two years compulsory service, both
countries have a number of citizens who are legally required to keep assault weapons and ammo in their homes and both countries have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.

I'm speaking about the nations of Switzerland and Israel.

Anonymous said...

my apologies ff.
i didn't know you were speaking of the entire state of virginia.
i thought you speaking of the faculty of a specific university.
and only the faculty.
onto another point.
imo, soneone at CAIR is smiling i'm sure.
this event will give them and their apologists another "what about....." line, similar to "what about timothy mcveigh?"
something to beat down their enemies of jihad and enhance the feeling of self loathing amongst the far left.