Tuesday, April 10, 2007

`Cease fire'? Major terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel a sign of things to come

The Shin Bet and the IDF foiled a major Hamas homicide attack planned for Tel Aviv.

They rounded up 19 members of a Hamas network operating out of Qalqilya in the Palestinian territories who managed to send a truck loaded with over 100 kilos of explosives into Greater Tel Aviv on Erev Passover (Passover Eve).

The truck was able to cross the Israeli checkpoints because it had Israeli plates and was driven by a Palestinian homicide bomber granted Israeli citizenship under Israel’s family reunification program introduced by the Olmert government. The IDF was able to force the truck back over the borders and it was detonated in the Palestinian territories.

According to my sources, the Hamas cell members revealed under interrogation that this was supposed to mark the kick off of a new Palestinian offensive against Israel.

The explosives came from the huge stockpile which Hamas has been smuggling for months into the Palestinian areas of the West Bank from the Gaza Strip - together with an unknown quantity of Qassam missiles, now in range of Israel's major population centers.

Hamas now has similar networks and stockpiles throughout the Palestinian areas of the West Bank.

This is the result of Israel's unilaterally handing over the Gaza Strip to Palestinian and Egyptian control two years ago and its failure to respond militarily to stop the smuggling of arms and terrorists from Egypt into Gaza. Under cover of the so-called `ceasefire', weapons, explosives, and trained terrorists are arriving unhindered from Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Thanks to the ineptitude of the Olmert government, the Palestinians, together with Hezbollah can now bring all of Israel under missile range.

So far, only Sderot, Ashkelon and neighboring areas in south Israel within Qassam missile range of Gaza have been threatened with attacks on their homes and schools....but this is about to change, for the worse.


Anonymous said...

last night on iba news, leah stern discussed this coming summer with a guy named david kimche.
she asked him if this summer we can expect a repeat of last summer.
his only reply was, this summer is right around the corner.

Freedom Fighter said...

I think we will see a combined Hezbollah/Syria/ Palestinian attack on Israel..and it might even involve `moderate' Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan.

Definitely this summer, but the timing will depend a lot on what Iran wants and on what, if any concessions the Arabs can get the Bush Administration to screw out of Olmert before he's sent packing.