Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brits arrest six in anti-jihad action

British authorities arrested six suspects in what the authorities describe as an `anti-terror operation today.

Among them is our old pal, Imam Abu Izzadeen, who last surfaced in a famous video yelling at Home Secretary John Reid about his nerve in coming into `a Muslim neighborhood' and saying that British Muslims need to cooperate with the authorities tocombat Islamic terrorism in their adopted country.

The six were indicted on charges of inciting others to commit acts of terrorism and on charges in connection with terrorist fund raising.

Izzadeen is already facing charges for making speeches inciting terrorism during sermons in Birmingham.

According to Scotland Yard, a number of searches were going on in connection with the investigation.

"The arrests form part of a long-term pro-active and complex investigation into alleged incitement and radicalisation for the purposes of terrorism, as well as alleged provision of financial support for international terrorism," a Yard spokesperson said.

In view of al Qaeda threats to unleash a major attack on Britain as Blair leaves office, hopefully some of these arrests will provide some needed intel on Britain's fifth column in its Muslim community.


Conan The Librarian said...

Get some spine, Brits and deport them by the hundreds. Do it now or they will be blowing up your children in a few years. Bastards!

Anonymous said...

A good development, but one wonders what took so long? If this imam was saying that Reid couldn't come into a "Muslim" neigborhood, why wasn't he arrested and deported on the spot?