Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why we love lawyers....

A mafia kingpin had employed a deaf bookkeeper for a number of years, with the idea that because of his handicap, the bookkeeper wouldn't hear anything he wasn't supposed to.

One day, the mob boss noticed that $500,000 had been embezzled from him, and he was pretty sure the bookkeeper had a hand in it, so he called in his lawyer, who spoke sign language to interrogate him.

"Ask him what happened to my money," the capo asked the lawyer,who promptly began signing with the deaf bookkeeper.

" He says he doesn't know anything about it" said the attorney.

At this, the mafioso pulled out a gun and put it to the bookkeeper's head, telling the lawyer "Ask him again".

The lawyer signed to the bookkeeper, who replied in sign language "OK, I did it! Tell him the money's in a brown briefcase on a shelf in my cousin Vince's garage."

"So, what's he say?" asked the mobster.

"He says you're a fat, stupid jerk who doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger" said the lawyer.

hat tip to long time Joshua's Army member Joyce C for this one!

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