Wednesday, April 11, 2007

US Military: Iran supplying and training Insurgent Groups in Iraq

The US Military again went public on Iranian Agents supplying the Shiite militias and other insurgents targeting our troops with weapons and training.

The chief U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, Major General William Caldwell told a press conference in Baghdad that Iranian operatives continue to provide high-powered explosives and training to Iraqi insurgents targeting our troops.

Caldwell said that Iranis training insurgents on the manufacture and use of high-powered roadside bombs called Explosively Formed Projectiles or Penetrators, which shoot out a projectile designed to pierce armored vehicles.

"We know that they are being in fact manufactured and smuggled into this country, and we know that training does go on in Iran for people to learn how to assemble them and how to employ them," he said. "We know that training has gone on as recently as this past month, from detainees debriefs."

The general also told the press conference that the Iranian training for Iraqi insurgents goes beyond the roadside bombs.

"We do know they receive also training on general tactics in terms of how to take and employ and work what we call a more complex kind of attack where we see multiple types of engagements being used from an explosion to small arms fire to being done in multiple places," he added.

The General also said he has evidence that people working for Iranian intelligence are also training Iraqi fighters inside Iraq, and providing them with money and weapons.

That won't be a surprise to regular members of Joshua's Army who visit this site.

At the briefing, General Caldwell also displayed mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades ( RPG's) made in Iran, which U.S. forces found in Baghdad.

Now the million dollar question:

We already know that Iran is committing what amounts to acts of war against the US.


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Anonymous said...

imo, it won't make any difference if iran nuked new york city.
the unhinged left will not let anyone/thing touch iran.
i do seem to recall reading somewhere about one step in a method to clean up iraq was SECURE THE BORDERS!!!!!!