Monday, April 23, 2007

Israel stays. Deal with it

Shalom to Israel and its people on Yom Ha'atzmaut....may G-d bring them peace, prosperity and victory and bring darkness, death and defeat to their enemies.


Anonymous said...

this weekend i watched solomon & sheba, starring yul brenner & gina lollobrigida.
if sheba was half as good looking a gina L. it's a miracle that the joooos survived at all. that babe is hot. if i had of been solomon at the time i would have out in the desert worhiping whatever false g-d that babe said to.
oh, the subject was the destruction of the enemies of israel........
never mind.

Anonymous said...

"the destruction of the enemies of Israel." Who is supposed to support peace? Neither side wants peace, each side wants the other's inihilation. So sweet... so far, Christians are still winning the race for kindness, Jews and Islamists zero.

Freedom Fighter said...

Anonymous, you make a very common error IMO, the same sort of mistake that leads to the `cycle of violence' garbage.

Israel's main `crime' to Muslims is that it exists at all, and the main issue in Middle East peace is that the Arabs refuse to live next to Christians and Jews in peace and equality anywhere they have control.

What's more, contrary to another bit of nonsense that's constantly trumpeted, it has always been that way throughout history. Jews and Christians were allowed, at best, Jim Crow style dhimmi status provided they were willing to give up most of their rights and pay obscene taxers for the privilege.

In Israel, Arabic is the second official language, and Arabs live among Jews with full legal rights in all walks of life.

The handful of Jews in the Arab world, if they exist at all, have none of these freedoms.

That, if nothing else should tell you who's serious about peace and who's not.