Sunday, November 16, 2008

Britain Threatening To Start Economic War Against Israel

There's gall and then there's unmitigated gall.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband is essentially threatening to launch an economic war against Israel unless it retreats from the so-called 'occupied territories' in Judea and Samaria, including East Jerusalem.

And he had the nerve to bring it up while badgering Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni about the situation in Gaza, even as Hamas is raining rockets down on Israel:

Kadima leader and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called on the international community on Sunday night to explain to Hamas that it alone was responsible for the fate of the residents of the Gaza Strip.

At the start of her meeting with visiting British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Livni said that "as we speak, Israeli citizens are being attacked by Hamas. Israel cannot sit idly by while its citizens are being attacked. When [Israel] is attacked, it must respond."

Miliband, who is in the region for a two-day visit, has expressed strong opposition to Jewish settlement in the West Bank, and officials are speaking of an economic offensive to try to force them to be taken down.

Miliband is pressing European partners for tighter control of imports to the European Union from the Jewish settlements, some of which are admitted at European ports as the produce of Israel and therefore enjoy tariff benefits under an Israel-EU treaty, the officials said.

European diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity as a fresh economic offensive on the West Bank settlements has not been officially approved, said Miliband had been trying to muster support in Brussels for tougher implementation of existing customs regulations in the hope that settlements could be placed under a siege that could help hasten their dismantlement.

Elsewhere in the article, it mentions that Miliband is not unmindful in Israel's security concerns

"We've been engaging with the Syrian government for some time impressing upon them the responsibilities they have to curb the flow of rockets to Hezbollah to curb the flow of fighters into Iraq; to contribute positively to stability in the Middle East ultimately through normalization of their relations with Israel," he said in remarks broadcast Sunday by Israel Radio.

Talking to them for some time, have you? Somehow, that didn't stop Iran and Syria from re-arming Hezbollah did it? Especially since Britain and the rest of the UN didn't do a damn thing to implement UN Resolution 1701 except impede the IDF from trying to interdict arms shipments from the air.'s way easier to lean on the Jews.

Here's the real kicker, and proof that Jewish anti-Semites abound. Miliband's mother Marion Kozak escaped the Nazis in Poland, but is now a member of the anti-Israeli Leftist group Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Meanwhile, her son isn't ashamed to threaten economic warfare against the descendants of the survivors and push to turn 500,000 of them into homeless refugees by making yet another piece of the Middle East off limits to Jews. And he's willing to do this on behalf of people who would cut his throat without a qualm if he were suddenly thrust into Jenin or Ramallah on his own.

Frankly, If I were the Israelis, I'd tell Miliband to get bent.Here's a man representing a country that was complicit in the death toll at the hands of the Nazis by cutting off Jewish immigration to Palestine on the eve of the Holocaust, and then did their very best to aid and abet an Arab massacre in 1948 of the survivors by arming and officering the jihadis less than three years after Auschwitz was liberated.

Drool, Britannia. And be ashamed of yourselves if you still have the capacity.

Apologies to the cousins that are as repulsed by this as I am...


Anonymous said...

I am pretty disgusted. I don't accept some of your comment but I didn't know Milliband's mum belonged to that stupid group, thanks for that. I daresay he isn't so very different from Condi in his attitude, but different enough and quite possibly hoping to influence the new US administration. I agree with you, hopefully Israel pays him no heed for as long as the Arab states nod and do nothing. I'm in the camp that says peace requires determination, but Milliband's attitude is an amost malicious idiocy.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous,
Welcome to Joshua's Army.

Have you ever wondered why ther has been no demand of the Arab countries,with muchmore land than Israel to contribute some of it for the benefit of the `Palestinian people' they claim to be so concerned about, who only became 'refugees' because of a war the Arabs started?

And have you ever wondered why the Arabs are supported by the West in making more of the Middle East Jew-free, but any attempt of Israel to repatriate some of its Arab population over th eborders to the Arab world would be dismissed as ethnic cleansing and racism?

And did you ever wonder why there's was never any sympathy or aid given to the almost 1 million Jews ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948?

Food for thought, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

No way would this fool Miliband have made these comments without some kind of positive noises out of the Obama people.

No way in hell.

Anonymous said...

Obama may or may not approve of what Miliband said. I'm not sure how an Obama administration will govern but neither Miliband nor anyone else take the cues from an Aemrican leader. What Obama or his team think is irrelevant to Miliband or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, I hate the Brits. And now we have one of their sleeper agents in our White House. Miliband's father was a noted Marxist and is buried by Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetary. Miliband, and many other Marxists, were saved by the Western world in WWII and immediately began working against the free Capitalist countries that were their saviors. You don't get more disgusting than that.

Europe pretends they're enlightened because they've more or less thrown down their weapons after their murder sprees in the 20th Century, but they do their damage with propaganda now against the USA and Israel, the strongest Western Capiatalist countries, trying to inflame the world with hatred once again -- with the UK as the leader. They've always instigators and they are again.