Monday, December 03, 2007

Abbas' Security Forces Strike Their First Blow For `Peace'

The man you see in the picture was Ido Zoldan. He was murdered by Abbas' Palestinian police, using weapons given to them courtesy of the US taxpayer.

They lay in wait and ambushed his car as he drove past the Palestinian village of al-Punduk.

The day after the murder, the IDF received a tip on the perpetrators and raided the village of Kfar Kadum near al-Pundak. They arrested Daper Barham and Abdullah Barahm, both 22-year-old Palestinian policemen and Fatah members. Both confessed, and told the Shin Bet that they had planned this long in advance. They said they had parked their car on the side of the road and waited for an Israeli car to pass by. Once Zoldan's car appeared, they merged onto the road, passed him, and opened fire.

A third killer, Fadi Jama, also a PA policeman, is in Palestinian custody. Which means he'll be released shortly.

The Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the murder.

Ido Zoldan (Z"l) was only 29 and a father of two, three-year-old Aharon and one-year-old Rachel. His whole life was ahead of him. He was born, lived and was buried in the Israeli town of Kedumim.It's also where he met his wife, Tehila.

Ido was a war hero, a decorated officer in Israel's Golani Brigade, who worked with his father in a construction company that built homes in nearly every part of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank.)Another of his projects involved sponsoring and mentoring a group of Ethiopian children, helping them to make the transition into daily life in Israel.

I write this for a specific reason. It's important that we remember that Ido Zoldan and others like him are not mere statistics, not simply fallout from some `cycle of violence' but real human beings, who were murdered not because of anything they might have done but simply because they were Jews.

They are the human victims of Oslo and Annapolis, sacrificed simply to massage the vanity and cowardice of politicians who think that continuing to appease Arab terrorists and their enablers leads anywhere.

After Oslo, the Israelis were told that it was necessary to `bolster' Arafat and make strategic concessions to him, so they did, because they desperately wanted peace that they didn't stop to consider the implications of what they were doing. And this is exactly what happened in Israel after Oslo and Arafat's `peace of the brave'.

There will be more of it - more terror, murder and bereaved families - until the lesson is finally learned.

Hat Tip: My friend Carl In Jerusalem at Israel Matzav who also has additional details on this.

How long, G-d? How long?

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