Thursday, December 20, 2007

Schoolyard in Sderot Hit By Qassams - IDF Kills 6 Jihadis in Gaza

Those `harmless' qassam missiles hit near the Gil schoolyard in Sderot today and fatalities were only avoided by sheer chance. 18 children were treated for injuries ranging from shock to light cuts and bruises.

Meanwhile the IDF was busy in Gaza killing 6 Palestinian fighters in action around the area east of the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, trying to knock out some of the rocket sites.

This comes a day after Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh offered Israel a `hudna' - a temporary truce - which the Israelis said they would accept only if three conditions were met - recognizing Israel, renouncing violence and accepting past peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians. To which Hamas,as always said `no sale'.

Of course the very term `hudna' gives you an idea of what Hamas is after. It's modeled on something all Muslims know well, Mohammed's Peace of Hubidiyeh, wherein he made peace with an enemy tribe until he was strong enough to massacre them. Yasir Arafat referred to the Peace of Hubidiyeh on Jordanian TV the day after he signed the Oslo Accords with Israel.

Hamas simply wants quiet to build up their military further for the next round.

Meanwhile the IDF's Chief Intelligence Officer Brigadier-General Yuval Halamish was quoted today as saying that the IDF is almost unable to counter the Qassams'.

"This is a close threat that has an impact on the home front as well as the national morale," Halamish said. "Our ability to deal with this threat is difficult until being almost impossible in certain places."

Halamish also stated that Iran and Syria were transferring know-how to the Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip, something Joshua's Army members are well aware of already.

I have to respectfully disagree with General Halamish in one regard.The IDF is perfectly capable of ending the Qassams. It would involve cutting off Gaza's power in full, targeting the Hamas leadership and providing a massive response from the air for any rockets or attacks on Israel. And in the last analysis, it might actually involve the Olmert government admitting they made a tremendously stupid error in throwing the Jews of Gaza out of their homes and allowing a bunch of genocidal terrorists to take over.

And perhaps even using the IDF to rectify the error by removing the problem once and for all, repopulating Gaza with Israelis and annexing Gaza to Israel, so it doesn't recur.

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