Friday, December 28, 2007

Democracy Is As Democracy Does...

My buddy Richard over at EU Referendum likewise has an interesting observation on the Bhutto assassination.

He notes the hypocrisy of British PM Gordon Brown and various EU functionaries decrying the murder as 'an attack against democracy'....just after they got back from Lisbon, signing away European nations' sovereignty without allowing the citizens of those countries a referendum vote in the matter:

José Manuel Barroso, EU commission president,{..} condemns this "callous terrorist attack" perpetrated less than two weeks ahead of election day in the strongest terms. He adds: "This is an attack against democracy and against Pakistan."

Also adding his comments was our prime minister, Gordon Brown, who calls the assassination, "a sad day for democracy …".

One remains sympathetic to Benazir Bhutto - who, whatever her faults, never lacked courage - and the Pakistani peoples, but one cannot avoid also expressing a wish that these two gentlemen, who speak so freely of "democracy" had a look in their own back yards.

Barroso is the man who fronts the unelected EU commission that forms part of our anti-democratic supreme government, and Mr Brown is refusing us a referendum on a treaty which hands greater powers to that commission, despite having promised us one in his party's election manifesto.

What know these men of democracy?

Well said, Richard.

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