Friday, December 28, 2007

Two Israelis Murdered By Fatah Gunmen In Driveby

A trio of Israelis were ambushed in a drive by shooting by Palestinian gunmen on the road outside Telem in Judea (the West Bank)near Hebron on the Israeli side of the border.

Two soldiers on leave, Private Ahikam Amihai, 20 and Sargeant David Rubin, 21,(Z"l) from Kiryat Arba and an Israeli girl were hiking in the area and ambushed by a gang of armed Palestinians in a vehicle. The soldiers were armed and fought back while the girl, who was also lightly wounded ran away to raise the alarm.

The soldiers were armed and fought back, killing two of their assailants and but were both had been wounded in the initial assault and were hit again by Palestinian fire. They were then killed by the surviving Palestinians, who shot their victims dead as they lay wounded and stole their weapons.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad and two factions of Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades on the payroll of `moderate' Mahmoud Abbass claimed responsibility for the killing.

The military force which arrived on the scene was prevented from pursuing the jihadis by villagers in the nearby Palestinian village of Kahal.And of course you can bet the Palestinian Authority won't be arresting anyone.

I'd be willing to wager that the rifles and bullets used to kill these two Israelis came from the arms stash given to Abbas and his thugs by the US and Israel.

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Anonymous said...

The last sentence says it all. The complete lack of leadership being shown by American and Israeli leaders is utterly disgraceful.

The postions of both Israel and America are very precarious right now. Perhaps Israel feels it cannot afford to say "no" to its only percieved ally. Perhaps the US feels it cannot afford to say "no" to percieved allies in Europe and elsewhere. Another possibility is that US and Israeli leaders have masochistic tendencies and just enjoy suicidal policies.

In any event, SOMEONE must put a stop to this. I pray that both ISrael and America will get leaders who have the courage and conviction to do the right thing and cut off all American and Israeli aid to the "Palestinians."