Thursday, December 06, 2007

Romney On Faith

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney finally gave `the speech' today, addressing the controversy over his Mormon beliefs.His hand was obviously forced by Mike Huckabee's rise in the polls in Iowa,and Huckabee's sly sidestep when asked in an interview for his views on the matter.

The location of the speech was interesting in that it was given in College Station,Texas rather than in Iowa, at the George H.W.Bush Presidential library, and that Romney was introduced by the ex-president..which may possibly indicate that the Bushes (including the one currently occupying the White House) have tacitly endorsed a candidate.

The speech was well crafted, and well delivered; Romney had a few things on his mind and decided it was time to open up. It was obviously intended to imitate John F. Kennedy's famous speech on his Catholic faith.

As such, it was successful,if a bit obviously over rehearsed..but perhaps unlikely to change many preconceived minds in my view. If someone distrusts and dislikes Mormons, this speech is unlikely to reassure them.

I'll admit, myself to a bit of bias on Mormons....most of the ones I meet, I rather like.

In my particular part of the world, there happen to be a number of Mormons, who I value as friends and neighbors. I admire their community spirit, their self-reliance, their self-discipline and the importance many of them give to living their spiritual values. Having read the Book of Mormon, and explored their beliefs,I can't imagine why Romney's faith is as big an issue as it appears to be.

And Romney was entirely right to remind us that there is no test of faith to hold office in America.

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