Friday, December 14, 2007

Do Tha Lisbon Hustle

The gangsta rap spelling isn't a typo. The people of Europe have been pimped out.

You'll remember that last year, voters in France and the Netherlands voted against an EU Constitution that would have taken away a good deal of their sovereignty.

This week, Britain's Gordon Browne and other European leaders decided that democracy was simply tooo much trouble, so they circumvented it by enacting a treaty in Lisbon with the same provisions - and more - that the voters rejected, and signing it without bothering to let the voters decide whether they wanted it or not.

The treaty imposes centralized EU control on matters like, civil and criminal law, immigration, public services, energy, transportation, civil rights and `hate crime' legislation, the EU budget and a host of other matters.

500 million people will apparently be governed by the diktats of 27 politicians in the EU Council of Ministers, who will now be able to consolidate their control Soviet style by making laws behind closed doors without recourse by the people of the subject `provinces'.

My Friend Richard at EU Referendum puts it quite simply: `Ballocks to Brussels!'

It remains to be seen whether the considerable outrage over this translates into political action. In the meantime, it has significant impact on America's interfacing with its European allies, to say the least.

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