Friday, December 21, 2007

Joshua's Tomb Desecrated By Palestinians

Joshua's Tomb, last year at this time

While the Palestinians talk peace for gullible westerners and scam them for millions in `aid' , they are sending quite another message on the ground. And part of that message involves eradicating every scrap of Jewish presence in the Holy land they can.

Jewish worshippers discovered on Tuesday, December 18th that Arabs had desecrated and vandalized a Jewish Holy site which held the graves of the Biblical Joshua, Caleb ( Joshua's ally) and Nun (Joshua’s father)in the Arab village of Timnat (Kifl) Haress, near Ariel in Samaria (the West Bank). The IDF secures a path to the site four times per year.

The graves were covered in human and animal feces and had anti Jewish grafitti and swastikas scrawled all over them.

The worshipers went to the tombs for special prayers on the tenth of Tevet,
(עשרה טבת or Asarah b'Tevet) a Jewish holiday and day of fasting that commemorates the onset of Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem that led to the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian captivity.It's also the day when Kaddish (the Jewish prayer of mourning) and other prayers are traditionally recited for those whose date of death is unknown, with particular reference to the victims of the Holocaust.

The ceremony was also to mark the the end of the 30-day mourning period for the murdered Jewish father Ido Zoldan (z"l) of Kedumim by Palestinian Authority police officers.

The worshipers quickly cleaned the tombs as best they could and completed the service.

Like the wholesale destruction of Gaza's synagogues, Joseph and Sarah's tombs, and Jewish relics on the Temple Mount by the Palestinians,this is another story that the world at large ignored, because it doesn't fit the script of the `oppressed' Palestinians. The same could be said of the Palestinian invasion and desecration of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where the behavior of the Palestinian jihadis while inside the Church was whitewashed by the world press.

There was not a single word of this disgusting sacrilege in the major wire services. Can you imagine the headlines world wide if this had happened to a mosque? Would we ever hear the end of it?

Jabotinsky was right.


Rosey said...

What do you mean by, "Jabotinsky was right"?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone expect less from these animals? The ones holding their bloody hands in the air for news photos when they ripped apart two Jewish soldiers that got lost.The ones that danced in the street when 911 happened.Yet,the good old US gov keeps handing them millions while urging Israel toward national suicide with pointless peace plans and so called "road maps".

Freedom Fighter said...

Anonymous , while I concur with your sentiments it's important to remember that the Palestinians are whom they are because they have been made so, by cynical propaganda aimed at twisting an ddistorting them for over a generation by the likes of Yasir Arafat and his cronies and by the other Arab states, who are using them as dupes to delegitimize Israel and keep their own people from seeing the model of a successful democracy in the Middle East.

Their only chance for a decent life, since their Arab `brothers' could care less about them would have been to ally with Israel.

That's impossible now, and it was deliberately made so.

When one feels the level of hatred that has been programmed into these wretched people, when one feels rightly or wrongly that you have been the victim of that level of injustice, nothing matters except hurting others so they feel the same pain you do.

That's ultimately self-defeating, as I can testify from personal experience, but there it is.

Hi Rosie Shavua Tov.
So, what do I mean when I say `Jabotinsky was right'?

Ze'ev Jabotinsky formed Jewish self-defense groups in Odessa,Russia in 1903, and the Jewish legion in WWI, and later formed similar Jewish self defense groups in Palestine to defend Jews from Arab violenced after the war,(since the British wouldn't) forming the basis of what later became the Irgun.

The Jabotinsky medal is awarded for distinguished service to Israel.

His position (as opposed to the Labor Zionists)was that the Arabs would never accept a Jewish homeland voluntarily, that attempts to negotiate and give concessions in exchange for peace were doomed to failure and that the solution was a vigorous defense of Israel `a ring of iron'(just like any other normal nation) until,over time, the Arabs gradually accepted Israel's existence as an established fact on the ground.

And yes, I think he was entirely right in the matter.The `peace' treaties with Egypt and Jordan that developed when those countries
realized that further wars with Israel were futile is proof of that.

I hope that answers your question.