Sunday, December 23, 2007

Worth Reading, 12/23/07

Ann Coulter: There's a Huckabee born every minute Ms. Coulter takes a hard and witty look at some curious positions by the GOP's `evangelical' presidential candidate.

Jeff Jacoby: The Islamist war on Muslim women The renowned Boston Globe columnist looks at one of the major internal battles in Islam. One wonders where NOW and the other feminist organizations are hiding when atrocities like these occur. As commentator Tammy Bruce points out, they've been almost entirely silent publicly thus far.

Gen. David Petraeus,; Man of the Year The Weekly Standard's William Kristol looks at Time's choice for man of the year, the elevated KGB apparatchnik Vladimir Putin and put's forth his own candidate.

Charles Krauthammer:Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Scorecard The WAPO clumnist looks back at president Bush's `Axis of Evil' speech and gives him a batting average of one for three.

Bookworm Room: Bloody Mary's Revenge The Church of England is in decline in Britain and Catholicism is growing. Ms. Bookworm has a highly interesting piece on this phenomenon. Wolf Howling likewise offers a witty commentary on Britain's becoming a Catholic country.

Arthur Hermann: Who Owns the Vietnam War? We've had several discussions on this site about my views on Vietnam - that the US could have won the war in Vietnam, that the anti-war left crippled the war effort in a deceitful and borderline treasonous fashion, and that America's greatest shame lies in the way the Democrat Left in Congress broke America's pledged word after the peace accords and doomed millions to communist murder and slavery.Historian Arthur Hermann examines the record in detail in a superb, must-read piece in Commentary . Reading this will definitely expand your views on the subject.

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