Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dan Rather/CBS Lawsuit To Go Forward

Justice Ira Gammerman of the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled today that Dan Rather's lawsuit against his old pals at CBS can go forward, denying a motion by CBS to dismiss the $70 million suit.

"I think discovery should go forward," said Gammerman.

If you remeber, Rather is suing CBS, claiming they unfairly threw him off the air after he used forged documents ot try an dmalign President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard during the 2004 campaign. According to Rather, his being `retired' was just an attempt by CBS and their parent company Viacom to appease the White House and protect them from political repercussions, and had nothing to do with a nationally known anchorman using phony documents and lying on and off the air about it in an attempt to influence a presidential election.

Rather's lawyer Marty Gold now wants to suppoena internal emails and documents between CBS and the White House to prove his case.

I've never been a great fan of CBS News, but this is a true measure of how shallow, deceitful and dishonorable Dan Rather actually is. Instead of being grateful for the fact that CBS didn't fire him outright, continued to pay his salary and allowed him to exit gracefully while letting smaller fry like Mary Mapes take the fall, he's suing them out of his grossly inflated sense of self.

In a way, this is CBS' payback for treating a charlatan like Rather so decently an dcovering for him for so long.

This is going to be fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

Where is your integrity if you don't stand up for the truth? Just because CBS tried to cover their asses doesn't mean that Mr. Rather should take a bribe and walk away from the truth and the tarnishing of his reputation as a respected anchor.

It goes to show you that people like you are the ones that allow for the CBS's of the world to walk all over and control them like cattles in a car.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dan Rather? A 'respected anchor'?

Thanks gave me the best chuckle of the day!