Saturday, January 19, 2008

McCain Wins South Carolina; Hillary, Romney Win Nevada

The results of the weekend primaries are in.

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton won for the Democrats,beating Obama by the exact ratio Weekend Monkey said she would, five points (Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.71% ,Senator Barack Obama: 45.19%). As he also predicted, Senator John Edwards was a distant third. I seem to have also correctly predicted Hillary's strategy to go after the Hispanic vote rather than the black vote.

In Nevada, Hillary carried the Hispanic vote by over 32 points, even getting 80% of the voters from a culinary union that had endorsed Obama. She also got the retirees and women by a substantial majority, while Obama carried 80% of the black vote and ran better in rural areas outside Las Vegas.

On the GOP side, Weekend Monkey got the winner right, Mitt Romney but failed to account for a strong showing for Ron Paul, who finished second with 14% of the vote, beating Monkey's pick for second ( John McCain) by 1 point. Huckabee finished third.

It was also a tight race in South Carolina, as both I and Weekend Monkey predicted. John McCain beat Weekend Monkey's pick to win, Mike Huckabee, by all of three points (John McCain, 33% to Mike Huckabee at 30%) with Fred Thompson taking a distant third as both I and Monkey predicted.It may be over for Thompson.

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