Thursday, January 31, 2008

The DNC Appoints Hardline Islamist To Their '08 Convention Committee

Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee made an interesting appointment to the credentials committee of the Democratic 2008 Convention - Pakistani-born Iman Malik Mujahid,the founder and president of the Chicago-based Islamist materials distributor Sound Vision Foundation.

He's quaintly described as `a Muslim leader, activist, imam at three Chicago mosques, and currently president of the Council of the Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.'

Whom is he really? Charles at Little Green Footballs unmasks him:

Mujahid (a name which means “holy warrior,” of course) and his operation Sound Vision will be familiar to longtime LGF readers, because about a year after the 9/11 attacks we discovered the bulletin board they used to run—a center of support for terrorism, jihad ideology, suicide bombing, and snuff films.

Here’s our post about a thread at Sound Vision where one of the Muslim members posted a poem called: “Yes, I am a Terrorist.”

Here’s our post about a thread where they were defending the posting of beheading videos: Support for ClearGuidance.

And here’s our post about a Sound Vision thread where the Muslim members were jubilant over a mass murder attack in Jerusalem that killed a number of children: US Muslim Teens Celebrate Murder.

Eventually they noticed our attention, warned each other to watch out what they were posting, and then the next day closed the forum to outsiders.

And there’s more, in a post about one of the mosques with which Mujahid is affiliated: Investigating the Mosque Foundation.

Needless to say,I'd be surprised if we heard so much as a peep out of either of the two remaining Democrats running for president about this,just as you won't hear words like 'jihad', 'Islamist','Radical Islam' or 'Islamist terrorism', just as they continue to remain clueless about national security or winning this war we're involved in.

Remember that when you vote.


Anonymous said...

No matter how hard anyone tries to make it appear as though all Muslims are the enemy, it will never change the fact that the true enemy is Extremists of any denomination.

I know many Muslims, but do not know any Muslim Extremists. The Muslims that I know cry after terrorist attacks, hurt by what is being done by "extremists" in the name of their religion.

The most intense jihad of the Muslims that I know is the written word, with the pen or quill being their sword. They first start out by praying for the opponent to be gifted with wisdom and shown the error of their ways.

Things will not change until the truth is acknowledged and being reported accurately. This is something that will never occur as long as people continue to blindly whatever they are told.

Freedom Fighter said...

I know a lot Muslims too, Anonymous.Some of them are linked on this site.

But your take on 'extremists' needs a little light.

Non-Muslim extremists are mostly concentrating on non-violent extremism, and have no cover for this embedded within their religion.

The difference is that the Qu'ran and Hadiths do provide that cover, so many extremist Muslims are actually convinced they are following real Islam. And frankly,it's for other Muslims and not me to say that they aren't, something that is unfortunately not happening much.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, true. But almost all terrorists are Muslim, and would say what they're doing is sanctioned by Islam.

Another difference is that Radical Islam is extremely well-funded and organized, to the point where it is fairly mainstream.