Friday, January 25, 2008

Hamas Destroys Another Section Of The Gaza Wall And Beefs Up Control Of Its New Stronghold

Today, Hamas bulldozed down one of the last remaining sections of the border wall between Egypt and Gaza as what's left of the Egyptian border force stood by and watched.

Hamas brought more troops into the area as the population from Gaza continued to stream into the area. Their numbers are now estimated at over 600,000 people.

It would take a massive Egyptian force to remove the Palestinians at this point, and the Egyptians are unlikely to send an army to fight the Palestinians because of the political cost to Egypt and the Mubarak regime at home and in the Arab world.

Hamas and its allies have accomplished two major objectives. First, they have broken the Israeli siege of Gaza and acquired a chunk of real estate almost double the size of the Gaza Strip, which means they now have a de facto safe haven to launch attacks against Israel, who will have difficulty responding because the area is still officially "Egypt". This is very similar to the dilemma NATO faces in Afghanistan,where the Taliban makes raids across the border from a safe haven in Pakistani Waziristan. And the area of the Israeli border now exposed to terrorist raids, rocket attacks and infiltration has just expanded dramatically.

Second, Hamas is now indirect contact with its parent organization in Egypt,the Muslim Brotherhood and can coordinate with them to help bring down the Mubarak regime and advance the radical Islamization of Egypt.

And of course, the importation of missiles, heavy weapons and trained fighters fromIran and Syria just got a whole lot easier.

Hamas, of course, set the stage for this attack brilliantly, manipulating the dinosaur media with the bogus `humanitarian crisis' so that the invaders would be perceived as just impoverished `shoppers'.

Israel has immediately advised its nationals in the Sinai to return to Israel. The Sinai resort of Sharm El Sheik is fairly nearby, and a popular vacation spot for Israelis.

Don't be surprised to see a bombing or kidnap attempt in Sharm El Sheik.

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