Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Senior Saudi Prince: Israel's Jews Offered `Dhimmi' Status

Price Turki al-Feisal, a senior Saudi prince and the former ambassador to the US and the UK was unintentionally revealing today in an interview with reuters as to what Israel's Jews can expect if they acept the Saudi `peace' ultimatum.

Prince Turki, who was previously head of Saudi intelligence, said that if Israel accepted the Arab League plan "one can imagine the integration of Israel into the Arab geographical entity....We will start thinking of Israelis as Arab Jews rather than simply as Israelis," he said.

Or, in simple terms, Israel will be `absorbed' into the Arab world and it's Jews will become dhimmis, living at the sufferance of the Arab majority...just like in the good old days,when Jews knew their place, took care to keep their heads from ever being higher than a Muslim's and mostly lived under conditions that make the old Jim Crow South look positively beneficial.

Even sadder, the Reuters article quotes someone who accepted dhimmi status a long time ago, leftist Israeli commentator Yossi Alpher.

"I was delighted to hear Prince Turki's description of the comprehensive nature of normalisation as he envisages it within the framework of the Arab peace initiative," Alpher said.Alpher said he hoped that once there was a comprehensive peace, Israel's Arab neighbours would accept Israelis "as Jewish people living a sovereign life in our historic homeland" and not as "Arab Jews" or "European Jews".

Whom do you think you're kidding,Mr. Alpher? Dream on....these people will never accept Jews living next to them in peace and equality.

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