Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Israel caves in on Gaza...And Of Course, The Rockets Resume.

Israeli defense minister Barak and the Israeli government unforunately caved in on the Gaza blockade in response to major international pressure and allowed what he called a “one-time” order to resume the heavy fuel deliveries to the Gaza Strip after two days’ blockade resulted in a temporary end to the rocket attacks.

Of course, as soon as the fuel was delivered, the attacks resumed, with nine missiles and four mortar rounds being fired into Israel today.

The UN Security Council is supposed to meet tommorow for a session called by Arab governments.I have no doubt that they will have a great deal to say about the so-called `humanitarian crisis' engendered by those wicked Jews enforcing a mere 20% cutbackin power toi Gaza and nothing whatsoever to say about the very real hmanitarian crisis caused by Hamas' wholesale bombardment of Israel's south.

And given the Israeli government's half measures and unwillingness to continue to apply even those,that very real humanitarian crisis will no doubt continue.

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