Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Democrat Tax Cheat!

Does the Obama Administration have the ability to nominate anyone for the cabinet who actually pays the high taxes they want to impose on the rest of us? This time, its Health and Human Services nominee Karen Sebelius...

Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius recently corrected three years of tax returns and paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding "unintentional errors"—the latest tax troubles for an Obama administration nominee.

The Kansas governor explained the changes to senators in a letter dated Tuesday that the administration released. She said they involved charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.

Sebelius said she filed the amended returns as soon as the errors were discovered by an accountant she hired to scrub her taxes in preparation for her confirmation hearings. She and her husband, Gary, a federal magistrate judge in Kansas, paid a total of $7,040 in back taxes and $878 in interest to amend returns from 2005-2007.

Asked by The Associated Press to comment on the amended tax returns as she left a Capitol Hill restaurant Tuesday night, Sebelius said, "We put out a statement and the statement speaks for itself."

Several Obama administration nominees have run into tax troubles, notably the president's first nominee for HHS secretary, former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle. He withdrew from consideration while apologizing for failing to pay $140,000in taxes and interest.

Hmmmm...almost $8,000 is a pretty sizeable 'unintentional error'. And this person is going to be in charge of the multi-billion dollar universal health care system Obama plans to sadlle us with? I guess she's planning on running HHS the way she ran the Kansas state budget.

I can ceetainly see why these people are unconcerned about raising taxes. They don't intend to pay them!


louielouie said...

off topic:
ya know, i came here to J/P today.
as i do 24/7.
for a couple of weeks now.
and i got a surprise.
although i shouldn't have been surprised at ff professionalism.
here it is barack hussein obama day.
more commonly known to all of us as april fools day.
and what does ff have posted, an essay in line with the mission of his blog.
i had expected something like an announcement that he had turned over the operation of J/P to that silly little monkey.
or is it little silly monkey?
it is sort of a good thing, in retrospect, that he didn't do anything of a joke like that.
i would have cut my wrists had chimpy been given any more access than he currently has, even as a joke.
on topic:
i quite honestly don't know how ff and some other bloggers continue to report on stuff like this.
if this had been a repub administration the media would be going bonkers.
here we are going on the third month of hussein's so called administration and key posts are not filled, and when they are, they are filled by elected criminals.
i bet the people of kansas are happy to know they elected one governor. married to another criminal.
and where is the outrage.
no one cares.
nothing matters.
let the fool destroy the nation.
and have a nice day.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,

I could tell you about a couple of doozies I pulled off today, but that would be wrong an dembarras certain people.

Y'know, turning JoshuaPundit over to Weekend Monkey for a day might have been fun,now that I think of it..thanks for the idea.

To get to your other point, I report on this stuff because somebody has to, and because it has an effect in that it makes people think. ( read my piece on the skewed Obama 'poll' below)

The media is in such low reopute that people are increasingly voting with their feet, which is why the networks and the main stream newspapers are shedding customers by the boatload.

Meanwhile, blogs like mine and talk radio increasingly drive the traffic.

Nature abhors a vacuum, Louie. When there's a space, someone fills it.

Take care, look at the beautiful weather outside ( oh, sorry, I forgot you're in Tulsa) and reflect that our country has survived worse than the current crop of idiots. We just need to remember that.


louielouie said...

now that I think of it..thanks for the idea.


B.Poster said...

"...our country has survived worse than the current crop of idiots." While I admire your optimism. To date, the worst President in our history was President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress was equally bad. Now we have a President and a Congress who, so far, are even worse than what we had before!!

Our best hope is divine intervention, however, for a country that has largely turned its back on its Judeo-Christian heritage, expecting such a thing to happen is problematic at best. Our only other options are to vote the current people out of the Hosue and Senate in 2010 and then impeach Obama shortly thereafter. Unfortunately the survival of the country until 2010 with its current leadership is problematic at best.

Already America is largely finished as a major world power thanks to President Bush. Obama's policies, to date, have only made things worse. Even with the best leadership known to man, it will take many long years to turn this around.