Thursday, April 16, 2009

How CNN 'Reported' On The Tea Parties

The dinosaur media was eventually forced to 'report' on the tea parties, and their coverage has been exactly what you would expect..biased, snarky and deliberately misleading.

This starts from deliberately downplaying the numbers that attended to what we see above..a supposed 'journalist' engaging in a political argument with a protester, something you never would have seen at, say, those cute little commie fueled anti-War rallies.

Notice the deep contempt in Susan Roesgen's voice, her gratuitous slur of FOX news as a 'right wing conservative network' ( she obviously read the recent DHS report and believes every word), the way she rudely yanks the microphone away from the person SHE chose to engage so she can talk over him and how quickly she moves away when he proves to be more articulate than she bargained for. Notice the insult she tosses off at the end of the segment that the tea party 'isn't family viewing', at an event where numerous families brought their children..and the way her studio co-anchor glosses over the whole thing.

One shouldn't expect much from CNN, the network that went down on its knees in front of Saddam Hussein and willingly serviced him by avoiding reporting his atrocities 'to keep access to the story'.

But what bothers me is that they continue to adopt to the pose of being 'unbiased professional journalists',rather than the media whores for the Left they actually are.

In an actual news organization, somebody like Susan Roesgen would have gotten her ass fired in a nanosecond. There's a difference between being hired to report the news and being hired to commentate on it.

Instead, I'm sure she was highfived by her bosses for her 'courageous coverage' and got enough free drinks sent to her at whatever bar media hookers like Rosen hang out at in Chicago to put her under the table and give her a hellish hangover the next day.

Somebody like Markos over at Daily Kos or most of the Leftards over at Huffington Post are insane, but at least they're honest. Susan Roesgen and her fellow shills in the dinosaur media don't even have that going for them.

hattip to The Other McCain

For interested parties, here's what happened after the CNN cameras were turned off. Apparently some of the demonstrators had a few things to say to Susan Roesgen, starting at about 1:58...


louielouie said...

within the next year, one of fox news reporters is going to be physically attacked during a live broadcast.
it will be by some leftwing elitist like this susan biatch.
after that, it's going to be a free for all on MSM.
no reporting without police protection.

rachel said...

Not that I really needed to be reminded why I DON"T watch any of the bullshit news on CNN...but geez, lady, how transparent can you get? Are you THAT threatened by the silent majority? Are you THAT afraid of decent, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens Americans finally having THEIR say?

I don't remember you having much bad to say about the environ-whackos blowing up car dealerships or housing developments. But being against excess taxation, government overreach and illegal immigration? Now THAT is radical.