Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brave Palestinian Warrior Attacks Children With Axe

13-year-old Shlomo Nativ ( HY"d) was murdered and another child of seven injured today in Bat Ayin, Israel as a brave Palestinian warrior carried out a successful 'operation' and then escaped.

"I saw a boy, aged 7 or 8, running past my house, and then I saw a 20-year-old man running after him," a man who identified himself as Avinoam told Channel 10. "I approached him, and he turned to me and tried to attack me with the axe."

"I grabbed his hand, we struggled, and I yelled for people to call for help and the police," he continued.

"At a certain point, I managed to wrest the axe from his hand," Avinoam said. "I was on the ground, and that was when the man managed to escape."

"I heard a little later that somebody tried to shoot him but missed," he said. "I saw in his eyes the lust to kill. I didn't see what happened before I got outside, but I saw the wounded boy screaming, yelling to his mother that he was hurt."

Islamic Jihad and one of the Fatah factions both claimed 'credit' for this.The Israeli government has formally asked the Palestinian Authority for its assistance in tracking down the killer. Good luck with that.

What it actually is, of course, is the Palestinian's way of greeting th enew government to see how tough they're likely to be. It's happened every time a new Israeli government has been seated.

Here's hoping that when the IDF catches him, they administer a little on-the-spot justice to this murderer instead of sticking him in jail to add to the' political prisoners' the Palestinians want freed 'for peace.'

Israel needs to send a message that Olmert is gone and it's no longer business as usual.

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