Saturday, April 04, 2009

Government Healthcare!

Blogpal and fellow Council member Debbie Hamilton over at Right Truth
has a nice piece on the Obama Administration's proposed government run health care scam:

If anything, gubment healthcare will make this worse. It will encourage the masses to flock to the ER for trivial matters with the notion that, "my insurance will take care of it". The idiots who are showing up in the ER over a hundred time per year will continue to do so regardless of whatever healthcare system is in place, mainly because they are nuts and/or drug seeking.

It is incorrect to state that federal law requires that every ER patient be treated. What the law requires is that every patient receive a medical screening exam to determine whether or not they have an emergency. In my opinion, those who do not have an emergency should be required to seek treatment at a clinic. If they don't want to go to a clinic then there should be a mandatory co-pay for non emergent treatment in the ER, no exception!

Read the whole thing over at Right Truth

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