Thursday, April 16, 2009

UN's Durban II Set To Start April 20th - Hitler's Birthday

Well, you have to admit the symbolism is appropriate.

Hitler's birthday is a fitting date to commence the UN's Durban II Conference on 'anti-racism' and human rights - with Libya as the chair of the “Main Committee” running the conference, Iran as the vice chair, and Cuba, the Castro brothers' Caribbean gulag as 'reporteur'. These three superb practitioners of human rights will run the “Durban II” conference in Geneva.

Running the conference will be Libyan Chair Najat Al-Hajjaji, who is essentially serving as the front for the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Her not-so-hidden agenda is shared by her partner in running the conference, the Secretary-General of Durban II, UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay, a native of Durban South Africa who had a prominent and particularly odious part in what occurred at Durban I.

The first order of business will be to reaffirm what happened at Durban I, officially known as “the UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance” back in 2001.

That particular shindig turned into an anti-Semitic orgy so foul that the US and even the EU delegates ended up walking out before the final paper was drafted. It is that agreement that will be 'reaffirmed' by Durban II in Geneva, along with some new additions.

Since 2001, the Organization of Islamic Conference has been formed and now constitutes a major voting bloc at the UN and especially on the UN Human Rights Council(UNHRC). And they've gotten much more ambitious.
Aside from repeating the successful 2001 formula to scapegoat Israel and America, the UNHRC is looking to put in place actual international laws and UN resolutions that would muzzle any criticism of Islam, as well as formalize the entire final document adopted in Geneva.

For instance, the new proposed working document document lists 'occupation' as racism. That will provide a new handle for unlimited speeches and resolutions condemning Israel's so-called 'occupation of Palestinian land' - Darfur, Tibet and Iran and Syria's activities in Lebanon among others will not be mentioned.

Paragraphs 73 through 78 mention specifically illegal aliens and their rights and mandate that 'international law' trumps any immigration laws that a sovereign nation might have.

In addition, the trans Atlantic slave trade that ended in the 19th century in mentioned several times and covered in depth, and formulas provided for 'apologies' and reparations without mentioning the far larger trans Sahara or Sudanese slave trade conducted by Arabs...some of which still goes on today. The apologies and reparations provisions are also aimed specifically at the US, something that might be quite interesting to the Obama Administration and UN Ambassador Rice and might account for why America has not yet pulled out of the disgraceful farce and is indeed funding a huge chunk of it.

As an added treat for the conference attendees, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinijad has announced that he will attend and address the conference. After all, he's an expert on both the Little Satan of Israel and the Big Satan of America and should go over quite well.

What remains to be seen is whether the US will attend. President Obama has already announced that the US will join the UNHRC, something President Bush, to his credit, dismissed out of hand.

The original line from the Obama administration was that the US would participate to 'modify' the draft document and would not attend Durban II if the racist and anti-Semitic 2001 Durban Declaration which the US rejected the first time around was reaffirmed. Since the opening statement of the new document does exactly this, even that lame excuse no longer exists.

Canada and Israel have announced that they will not attend or participate, and it's likely that Australia, the Netherlands and Italy won't either. Had the Obama administration had the basic decency to boycott Durban II and avoid legitimizing it, it's likely other countries would have pulled out also. Instead, this is yet another attempt by Obama to vote 'present' .

As it is, the Obama administration has delayed a decision until the last minute.Even if they subsequently pull out, a message has already been sent.

On Monday, April 20th, Hitler's birthday, the delegates will sit in Geneva to listen to a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,a man who denies the Holocaust occurred and who has been quite emphatic in his desire to commit a new one by wiping Israel off the map.He'll talk about human rights and the evils of intolerance without a trace of irony.

And afterwards, the UN will end up adopting a document that embodies the very sort of racism and bigotry the organization was originally designed to combat when it was born in the ashes of World War II.

Somewhere, Der F├╝hrer is smiling.

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Free Israel said...

A few points about the racist UN -Durban "anti-racism" conference

1) When will Arab racists & Islamic bigots let go of the UN and stop hijacking it with it's lobbies (silencing Arab racist genocide in Darfur, yet daming innocent Israelis who merely try to survive)?

2) Why is Arab terror singling out Jews not racist?

[ - Arabism is racism! ]

3) Why is the essence of the entire "conflict'" not a form of bigotry by Arab Muslims who can't "accept" the non Arab non Muslim pluralistic democratic Israel?

4) Are Jews living or allowed to live in racist "Palestinian" controlled territories (Judenrein - ethnic cleaning)?

5) When will lefty radical Meretz/B'Tzelem talk about preferencial treatments to Arabs OVER jews, like in Hebron and in other cases?

6) Why is (Arab Palestinian or Hezbollah) use if its own kids as cannon fodders considered "innocent victims"?

7) Is Israel battling just terrorism or an ARAB MUSLIM CAMPAIGN OF GENOCIDE since the 1920's?