Thursday, April 02, 2009

Joke Of The Day: The Palestinian Authority Threatens To Dissolve Itself!

And yes, they're serious...

The new Israeli government was warned on Wednesday that a refusal to continue serious peace negotiations intended to establish a Palestinian state could force the Palestinian Authority to dissolve itself.

The warning, by a senior PA official, came only a day after Israel’s new rightwing government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, took office. It also came as Israel’s new foreign minister said the government did not feel obligated by the commitments made during the US-sponsored Annapolis peace initiative.

Rafik Husseini, the chief-of-staff of Mahmoud Abbas, the PA president, said: “If Netanyahu or his government continue to do what the Israeli government has done even more vigorously, the consequence is the practical end of the Palestinian Authority as a structure.”

Mr Husseini argued the Palestinians faced a government that encouraged the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and refused to endorse a two-state solution. “No Palestinian leader can continue to do peace when the objective of the Israeli state – as stated by its government – is the complete opposite of peace,” he added.

The PA was formed by the Oslo peace accords in 1993 as a quasi-government to prepare for Palestinian statehood. “If the PA cannot deliver [on the promise of an independent state], it has to change direction,” Mr Husseini said.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was the Arab equivalent of an April Fool's joke.

Yes, the Palestinian Authority is going to hold its breath until it turns blue and dissolve itself, cutting off all that Western aid and taking PA apparatchniks like Rafik Husseini off the payroll! And well connected Fatah goombas are going to voluntarily give up the money making rackets, scams and 'monopolies' they have going in the Palestinian occupied parts of Judea and Samaria. (AKA the West Bank)

That would be like the Gambino family or Mexico's Zeta drug cartel deciding to go voluntarily out of business. Ain't gonna happen.

As for the other stuff, it's true that the Palestinian Authority is a sham that never 'delivered statehood'. But who's fault is that? Who launched the war against Israel's civilians after the Israelis were stupid enough to believe Yasir Arafat could actually be trusted? Who has refused to educate their people for peace or invest the millions they've been able to scam from the West in a better life for their people?

The truth is, the Palestinian Authority was always a con. And none other than the late Feisal Husseini, Arafat's commissar in Jerusalem and Rafik Husseini's clan member admitted it, famously referring to Oslo as a Trojan Horse, designed to trick the Jews and pave the way for Israel's destruction.

No less than Fatah kingpin Mohammed Dahlan admitted something many of us already knew. That while the Palestinian Authority may have recognized Israel in order to get recognition and aid money, 'moderate' Fatah never did. And their official charter still calls for Israel's destruction. Getting rid of the fiction of the Palestinian Authority would take the mask off, which probably wouldn't matter all that much, on second thought. Fatah would still be getting money from the West, especially given who's in the White House now.

Dissolve away boyos. It'd be more honest.

Finally, as an aside, notice how this supposedly unbiased news story in the British Financial Times referred to the new Israeli government - which includes the leftwing Labor Party - as 'rightwing'?

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Anonymous said...

This post made my day. Thanks Freedom Fighter. I didn't know Muslims had a sense of humor.