Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama Endorses Saudi Peace Ultimatum

Well, you knew it was coming:

US President Barack Obama reiterated his support for the Saudi Mideast peace initiative in a meeting with King Abdullah on Thursday night, the White House said in a statement.

The February 2002 initiative calls for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories taken in the Six Day War, including east Jerusalem, and a "just settlement" to the Palestinian refugee crisis in exchange for normalizing ties with the Arab world.

The leaders "reaffirmed the long-standing, strong relationship between the two countries," continued the statement after the two met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in London.

Yes, that must have happened during Obama's grotesque bowing and scraping act yesterday

For those of you who are unaware, this 'peace ultimatum' is essentially an Arab plan for Israel's national suicide.

The Israelis give up the strategic Golan Heights to the Syrians and Hezbollah and all of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank), including land legally purchased from the Arabs via the Jewish National Fund to the Palestinians. The Israelis also give up half of Jerusalem, which means that Jews will be denied access to their holiest sites and will have to watch their religious shrines desecrated by the triumphant Arabs, just as they were prior to 1967.Needless to say, the Arabs are unwilling to tolerate a single Jew living in their countries, so the Jews will have to be Israel's expense, of course.

Then, having made thousands of their own citizens homeless, unemployed refugees and having retreated to indefensible borders, Israel allows itself to be flooded by thousands of genocidal Arab `refugees' and their descendants.

There's absolutely no mention of a `just settlement' for the almost one million Jewish refugees ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948.

In exchange for committing what amounts to national suicide, the Jews of Israel get a guarantee of ill-defined `normalized ties' and peace from the Arabs.

Those `normalized ties' would last for as long as a dismembered vulnerable Israel manages to survive, and the `peace' would be the peace of the cemetery.

And keep in mind, none of this is subject to negotiation.It's an ultimatum for acceptance or rejection, just as it is.Even the Lefty and dovish Shimon Peres tried to regard it as a starting point for further discussions and was told in no uncertain terms that nothing in this proposal is subject to change.

President Barack Hussein Obama just endorsed it and a much as pledged to pressure the Israelis to accept it, knowing full well the Israelis have already said no.

This is of a piece with the news that the United States is definitely going to join the UN's 'Human Rights Council', where America will no doubt take part in the systematic demonization of Israel and the Jews while endorsing proposals to make criticism of Islam and sharia law a thought crime.

I think all but the most clueless can see which way the wind is blowing. And as for those genuinely deluded Jews who actually voted for this man, they may rest assured that the fallout will not be limited to Israel, and that the chickens coming home to roost will affect them as well, in a very painful and personal way.

Accompanied by the usual shock and surprise, of course.


Shtuey said...

The only thing we can be thankful for now is that Olmert is retired, and Kadima is not in power. Otherwise the end of Israel would be a fait a complis.

Everything rests in Bibi's hands now. He was told he would be welcomed in Moscow. Now may be the time to go, just for kicks.

Anonymous said...

I had long been puzzled why the Biblical descriptions/prophecies of the End Times painted Israel alone fighting of the Rest of the World. Surely some nations (especially the US) would always support Israel.

Now that we can truly see all the nations of the world lining up against Israel, we must know that the end times are here.

Pray that the Lord will cut them short.