Sunday, April 05, 2009

Obama's 'Hate America' Speech In Europe

Speaking in front of a French audience, President Barack Hussein Obama once again gave us a clear view on how he feels about the country that foolishly gave him the opportunity and education for a privileged, moneyed lifestyle and eventually elected him to our highest office:

In America, there is a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

He paired that with some cliches about anti-Americanism among Europeans, but the main thrust of his remarks was that America was to blame - USA bad, Europe good:

I found the remarks about Europe's supposed role in world leadership particularly interesting..given Europe's craven attitude when it comes to Bosnia, Afghanistan or Iran's nukes.

Obama also took the opportunity to gratuitously trash his predecessor, President Bush:

I don't believe that there is a contradiction between our security and our values. And when you start sacrificing your values, when you lose yourself, then over the long term that will make you less secure. When we saw what happened in Abu Ghraib, that wasn't good for our security -- that was a recruitment tool for terrorism. Humiliating people is never a good strategy to battle terrorism.

Let's chew over this one for a bit.

Because a couple of low level Army reservists violated every known military law regarding the treatment of incarcerated prisoners, that's some how a deliberate part President Bush's "strategy to battle terrorism?"

Simply put, this is pure horse manure. Aside from whether humiliation works as a battle tactic, particularly when you're dealing with an honor/shame culture, there's not even a question that this was part of US policy, except in the mind of the most determined America hater. The military reservists in question were tried and jailed under military law for the crimes they committed, and had nothing to do with the Bush Administration's strategy, which also involved a fair amount of sucking up to Muslim and European sensibilities.

President Bush's strategy involved sharing intel with the Europeans, allowing them the lead in the failed diplomacy on Iran's nukes and partnering with NATO on Afghanistan. For Obama to pretend otherwise is a contemptible trashing of his country...and a cowardly swipe at a man who's been too classy to criticize him in public thus far.

The problem with the current occupant of the White House goes beyond mere ignorance in foreign affairs - imagine the headlines if President Bush had made the silly mistake of thinking that Austrians speak 'Austrian' instead of German!

It goes to the core of whom he is - a leftist academic who deep down, really doesn't like his country or his countrymen. There are plenty of his ilk inhabiting our universities today, and the major difference between them and Elmer-Gantry-with-a-tan is that Barack Hussein Obama was simply more politically ambitious and adept.

It's also worth noting that President Obama's cowardly attempt to abase himself before his Europeans betters and trash his own country accomplished nothing when it came to getting more troops from our NATO allies for Afghanistan or any kind of response in the UNSC on North Korea's missile shoot.

After all, it's one thing to prostitute yourself and get paid for it. It's something else again to go through all that, wipe yourself off and realize you're going home empty handed.

But you can't say I didn't give him a chance.


louielouie said...

America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

damn right.
do the words we the people mean anything to this fool.
those boys going a shore on normandy 6june1944 were pretty damned arrogant not to show their passports to the germans in their bunkers.
and the liberators flying into german airspace without clearance were pretty damned dismissive as well.
president dumbass.

Anonymous said...

you're right! that's exactly what he meant

Anonymous said...

You Americans will read biased American history books won't you ? Stop beating your own breasts about winning a war that Britain won BEFORE you guys ever stepped into it ! Even President Sarkozy of France thanked the British for being the 'sole' liberators of France only the other week.
Read some history books that state the FACTS...It was WW2...Not some John Wayne movie !

Freedom Fighter said...

I doubt Sarkozy was stupid enough to say this,anonymous.

As for Britain winning WWII singlehanded..well, lets just say that Winston Churchill profoundly disagreed with you.

Ignorant twit.