Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dems Decide To Ignore WV Law To Fill Byrd's Seat With Party Hack

Well, the fix is in.

Per Democrat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, instead of having the special election the law clearly mandates now, they'll have it in 2012...for the five or six weeks left in Byrd's term (Nov. 2012 to Jan. 2013) after the next primary! And then they'll have a general election for the new term starting in January 2013.

Meanwhile Governor Joe Manchin will just appoint some chair-warmer to hold the seat until 2012 and vote for Obama's agenda until Manchin runs for the seat himself.

Nicely scammed, unless someone sues.

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Brian L. said...

Rule #1: Ambiguities in the law will ALWAYS be interpreted to favor Democrats, without fail.

Should Republicans attempt to gain favor via legal interpretation, they will be chastised and pilloried by the press until they relent (as they always do).

Sigh. To think that we went through the effort of breaking with England... only to end up with the current state of affairs.

B.Poster said...

"To think we went through the effort of breaking up with England to end up with the current state of affairs." Quite right, this current government is more intrusive and more dictatorial than the one we separated from during the American Revolution.

It increasingly appears as though our only option is another revolution in which this government gets overthrown. Hopefully we can do this at the ballot box but I'm not so sure this government is going to give up power willingly.

You're also spot on about Republicans and the press as well. Even when the Repuglican leagal interpreatation is correct they still relent!!

I hope someone does sue but it will be hard to find a judge who cannot be intimidated by Team Obama and the press. If intimidation fails to persuade the judge, then they can buy the judge off. Finding judges with the character to resist these threats and bribes will not be easy.