Monday, June 28, 2010

US Arrests 10 Russian Spies

The FBI arrested and charged 10 people yesterday with acting as spies for Russia.

Eight out of a cell of 10 were arrested Sunday for allegedly carrying out long-term, deep cover assignments in the US . Two are apparently still at large.

The arrests came as the result of a long FBI investigation into the network of U.S.-based spies, and federal agents actually intercepted messages from Russian intelligence headquarters in Moscow to two of the accused, Richard and Cynthia Murphy.

None of the group was charged with espionage. Instead, each of the 10 was charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Nine of the defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum 20 years in prison.

Several factors here. Obviously, if we intercepted messages, we broke the Russian's code and we have a good idea not only where they came from but from whom. It will be interesting to see if any Russian 'diplomats' suddenly get transferred out of the US over this.

Second, according to some of the intercepted messages, the perps had a deep cover assignment "to fulfill your main mission, i.e. to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US and send intels."

Obviously if this was a long term investigation as the FBI says, its probable that at least some progress was made in that particular mission. So...whom were the spies in contact with, who was introducing them around and who was aiding and abetting?

Wouldn't you like to know who it is in 'policy making circles' that's being protected?


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louielouie said...

the operative expression comes at the 1:50 mark

B.Poster said...

My first thought when I read this was, this is a case of Russian misdirection. Essentially the Russians deliberately led the FBI in this direction when in actuallity the area of Russian penetration is elsewhere.

The secnond thought was given the Russians lopsided adavantages in virtually every area over the Americans why do the Russians need to do this type of operation?

In answer to thought 1 Russian technology and know how is so far above any thing America has I really don't think the Americans could detect them. That's why I think this could be a case of misdirection. In this case, it means the FBI has been on the wrong track for a number of years.

As for thought two, ofentimes when a bully, in this case Russia, beats up a much weaker adversary, in this case, the United States, he often taunts his vicitm before he destroys his victim. This may be what the Russians are doing here. In this case, the arrogance on the part of Russia is breathtaking. As I've said here and elsewhere on a number of occasions, the Russian arrogance is astonishing. If American leaders are observant, there may be a way to use their arrogance against them.

Needless to say I hope my initial thoughts are wrong and we really did bust a Russian espionage group. I agree with you on the questions you pose. I'd like answers to them as well. If we really did bust a Russian espionae group, then someone in American power circles may actually recognize the threat posed by Russia. Breaking the Russian code would be quite a feat. The only way to beat Russia is going to be to outsmart them. At this time, wee are not capable of overpowering them. May God provide wisdomm and courage to our people who are working on this case.