Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video: Superb Clarity From Dennis Prager On What's At Stake

Long time Joshua's Army member Leilani tossed this my way. It's a video of author and talk radio host Dennis Prager in what was apparently a panel with Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt at the University of Denver weighing in with lazer focus on American values, why the minions of the Obama Administration are inherently opposed to them, and the real nature of what's at stake.

He's superb throughout, but one thing he's particularly correct about - the coming midterms are a referendum on America's future direction and perhaps its very survival, and it is vital that the anti-Obama forces take both houses of Congress to reverse the damage that's already been done and forestall any more damage in the future.

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louielouie said...

great video.
i bet at least 2000 people can understand what mr. prager is speaking of.
..... this just in, the electorial vote for the 2012 presidential election has been certified.
hussein 335
hussein's opponent 315
there was something i was wanting to say about hair and a sack but can't go into it right now.