Monday, June 07, 2010

No Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza - Per The Palestinian Authority!

Not that anyone who's been paying attention isn't aware of the scam.

The following article, by the Jerusalem Post's ace Arab Reporter Khalid Abu Toameh is an account of an interview he did with a PA spokesperson that's mainly about the PA complaining to Turkey's PM Tayyip Erdogan about Turkey's support of Hamas, but note the part I've bolded out:

The Palestinian Authority is concerned about Turkey’s increased support for Hamas, a PA official in Ramallah said on Monday.

The official said that the PA leadership was “unhappy” with Turkey’s policy toward Hamas, especially with regard to pressure to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip unconditionally.

“Turkey’s policy is emboldening Hamas and undermining the Palestinian Authority,” the official told The Jerusalem Post.

“Of course we want to see the blockade lifted, but Hamas must also end its coup in the Gaza Strip and accept an Egyptian proposal for achieving reconciliation with Fatah.”

“We wish to remind the Turkish and Egyptian governments that the border crossing was controlled by the Palestinian Authority before Hamas launched its coup in 2007,” the official added. “If the Rafah border crossing is going to be reopened, that should be done in coordination with us and not with Hamas.”

Azzam al-Ahmed, a top Fatah official in the West Bank, was quoted over the weekend as saying that he was opposed to the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip until Hamas agreed to end the dispute with his faction.

Ahmed stressed that there was no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip because the PA government was sending aid through Israeli border crossings.
Nice to have it confirmed from a Palestinian source.

Capo del tutti d'Ramallah Mahmoud Abbas is in Turkey as I write this, meeting with Erdogan to convey these concerns and ask for Erdogan's help in mediating a sitdown and a reconciliation between the two gangs. Also on hand was Syrian dictator Basher Assad, so I'm certain the participants had a lot to talk about.

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