Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gaza: When The Dinosaur Media Falls For The Islamist Agenda


Dr. Richard Landes has a superb bit up at Pajamas media that puts the entire news coverage of the Gaza flotilla by the dinosaur media in perspective:

The latest explosion of anti-Israel rage, driven by the Muslim world and echoed by both the MSM and the international diplomatic community, raises important questions. How is it that in a world where North Korea and South Korea may go to war, Iran may get nuclear weapons, and jihadis are killing fellow (non-) Muslims by the dozens in mosques and hospitals, Israel’s killing of nine street fighting jihadis sets the international agenda?

Amidst the many elements contributing to the sight of a world gone mad, I’d like to focus here on the role of the media.

For some time now, critical observers have warned about the “halo effect” that “human rights” NGOs have benefited from even as they were taken over by radical political activists who had strong links to jihadi organizations and individuals. This halo effect works in two directions: it extends to the “allies” of these hijacked NGOs (“peace activists”) and also to the MSM which tends to convey the “testimony” of the NGOs as reliable news. All of this comes to a grotesque climax in the flotilla affair.

A must-read. Lots of videos and pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Then there is, of course, reality. Which, of course, Rob, you will reflexively refute by calling anybody who dares to challenge Israel's and your stenographic version of Israel's events as "anti-semetic".

Right? Isn't this how it usually works at this little den of inequity?

We'll talk again.

Hint: I'm the guy you promised to turn into the Pentagon, while proudly thumping your chest to your List-Serv buddies. How'd that one go?

Glad to hear you're feeling better.


That F'ing Guy

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, Hello 'Anonymous'.I recognized the URL and decided to let this through.

What, no fake military rank this time? Perhaps the FBI warned you about the potential consequences, eh?

I remember you quite well, the guy who misrepresented himself not once but twice as military personnel, to give his putrid views a little dignity.

Not only that, but in one instance you didn't even spell the officer's name right or get his rank correct when you tried to misappropriate his identity to inflate your own ego.

And you're proud of that? Okay.

I suppose that after I called the DOD and after the FBI communicated with me, they decided you were harmless and simply let you off with a warning.

Fine by me.

Thanks for the good wishes.