Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video: Christians Arrested For Distributing Gospels Outside Dearborn Arab Festival

Let's see...on a public street, in the United States of America...and arrested by the Dearborn, Michigan Police for disorderly conduct - because they were handing out copies of the Gospel of John in Arabic and English.

The arrest was filmed, at least until the Dearborn Police confiscated the cameras.

The four Christians who were arrested are free on bond and are now being represented by the Thomas More Law Center. Their press release is here.

According to the Evangelist's attorney Robert Muise, his client's First Amendment rights were egregiously violated, and his letter to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad requesting the return of his client's confiscated cameras and tapes has not yet been answered.

According to sharia law, proselytizing to Muslims or criticizing Islam in any way is haram, forbidden. And Muslims leaving Islam are subject to a death sentence.

What we're seeing here is an American police Department making the decision to enforce sharia over our Constitution. And they're even willing to pay damages in a lawsuit they can't possibly win to do it.

(hat tip, Hot Air)

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