Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honeywell: Enabling Iran's Quest for Nuclear Weapons

There's an interesting demonstration planned tomorrow, June 21st at a corporate headquarters in New Jersey by a wide variety of groups, including StandWithUs, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), No Nukes for Iran and a number of other groups between 1:00 and 2:00 PM.

The target? The Honeywell corporate headquarters located at 101 Columbia Road in Morristown.

What Honeywell done to excite all this well-deserved wrath is reminiscent of those companies that continued to trade with Hitler even after his violent and genocidal aims became clear.

Honeywell, you see, does a great deal of business in Iran, especially with its energy sector. A Honeywell subsidiary, Universal Oil Products is currently expanding and upgrading Iran's Arak refinery, helping the regime to overcome one of its primary strategic weaknesses.

Another interesting facility located in the Arak complex is Iran's heavy water plant, a facility that has no peaceful application and is only useful in helping to formulate nuclear weapons.

Honeywell has consistently refused to address this, very interesting considering that Honeywell is involved in more US government contracts than any other company currently doing business in Iran and the bi-partisan support in Congress for increased sanctions aimed at Iran's oil and natural gas industry.

Not to mention simple decency.

If you can't be at the demonstration, you can send a message to Honeywell here

I also recommend that you contact your representative in Congress and call for a total investigation of the government contracts Honeywell is currently involved in, with an aim of terminating them or switching them to other vendors to the degree this is possible.

Certainly they shouldn't be the recipient of any more government business.

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Independent Patriot said...

So when are they going after Gneral Electric? Or are they all just good buds with GE's CEO?

Freedom Fighter said...

Glad you asked IP...yu obviously are very much on the ball here.

According to UANI, General Electric recently signed the Iran Business Declaration and affirmed that they will not do business in Iran.

Whether GE ultimately complies with that is anyone's guess, but they did agree to it. Honeywell has refused to.


Anonymous said...

You do know that GE has been using cut outs in Europe for years in violation of US law, in dealing with Iran. I wouldn't put too much stock in anything they sign. Shell corporations can be very useful when you need deniability.

Freedom Fighter said...

Very true.